Friday, June 25, 2010

I love surprises

It was my hubby's 40th birthday two weeks ago ,, and for his birthday I gave him a Big surprise...

I organized a day out just for the two of us without kids!!!!

I secretly booked an accommodation but in the morning I also booked a thrill ride at Oz jet, then the big surprise was a date at ARIA restaurant which is co owned by Chef Matt Moran...

The day of his birthday it was still a surprise ,, in the morning I gave him my gift a long sleeves shirt , a red tie,, which I was had a hard time choosing from the shops ,, I was looking at some designer ties and just a normal tie... anyway,, I bought a Van Huesen tie that matches my dress...

It was such a surprise for him seeing a note from me explaining I already have a babysitter coming in that morning and he has to be ready !!!!

It was all GOOD and everything turned out really well!!!!


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