Thursday, June 17, 2010

Building our home

As to those who follow my blog ,, some of you already know that we are in the process of building our house. Its been such a longtime to start everything and with the weather is uncooperative ,, the site was such a mess,, muddy and wet,, so the constructing was held for almost 3 weeks,, now that they resumed the work ,, they are now doing the bricks ,, it is expected to take 3 weeks to brick the whole foundation,, soon the frame,, roofing and so on ...

Everything is modern now,, Gone are the days of the old asbestos way!!! eww,, who would want an asbestos environment ,, it was a big thing here in OZ when people who suffered from Asbestos cancer sued the James and Hardie group and some cases are still going ..

Anyway,,, my hubby and I are getting excited with the progress of our building although it is a bit slow ,, we are slowly seeing some improvements ,,,, ayy the joy of building!!!!!! there a lots of headache but the excitement is overwhelming.....


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