Friday, June 18, 2010

Big Girl now

Next month is my eldest daughter's 16th birthday,,, geezzz,,, time is so fast ,,, she is growing quick and as year 11 in High school with too much activities both school and non school activities make her life more hectic...

I can still recall when I was pregnant with her ,, it wasn't an easy pregnancy ,, although I kept myself healthy ,, eating the right foods,, taking prenatal vitamins , avoiding alcohol and things that are bad for pregnant women and prenatal check ups... but the worse part was the morning sickness that hit me.. constant head ache and just feeling all worn out,, but I surpass it and now I can only look back at all the memories...
Now the big princess is turning 16 and asking for so much stuff,, I still have head aches!!!!! hahaha.... Motherhood is really hard,, you have to look after them for the longest time ,,,,

Well,, I love my kids and although its hard I cannot trade it for anything else....


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