Friday, May 28, 2010

Love the show

I just love this show !!! MasterChef Australia ! 14 contestants are still standing tall and aspiring to be the next Masterchef Australia !!!!

One of my favourite contestant is Marion and I feel that she will win the sought after title ..
She seems o be focused and very creative with her dishes ,, and after winning the celebrity cook off and getting the immunity pin ,, I reckon she will go far in the competition.....

Tonight was the Materchef class and I was salivating as I watch how George and Gary cooked.. The food that they are making looks appetising and for sure they are really delicious ,, I wanted to try some of the recipes and I will check the website for the recipes. So it means no more weight loss challenge for me..... Its going to be winter and I need my unwanted body fats for insulation... hahahah..

Check out the MasterChef site for more.....


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