Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love the show

I love watching MASTERCHEF 2010 Australia ,, every night it I have to finish my chore so I can tune on the TV and watch it... My youngest daughter who is 5 loves to watch it too and she said that she likes watching it so that when she grows big she can cook like a Master Chef,, what a clever girl....

There are loads of tips and tricks that they love to share on the show, what I like is seeing the contestant get creative with their cooking and getting inspired with all the dishes that they come out with ...

Before the master chef show started , I was watching The biggest loser and now master chef,,, what a contradiction,,, I was inspired to loose weight and follow some recipes on the Biggest Loser ,,, and now I wanted to follow the Master chef recipes ,, which are far more different from the biggest loser....

Argggg,, dilemma dilemma!!! I wanted to shed a few pounds and start exercising too ,,, I guess I don't wan t the quick fix like taking diet pills, getting scared with : diet pill side effects ,,, so I guess I have to exercise and eat healthy but with the Masterchef recipes who would wanna be healthy with all the mouth watering ,, appetizing meals that the share!!!!!!!


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