Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How can I???

Its COLD Today ..So there you go Australia!!! Its getting cold!!! for those people complaining about warm days on Autumn days ,, here you go a cold wind today....

Now its time to hibernate!!!!! Woooaa I guess not,,, I still haven't started going back to my exercise routine which got me going last December,, I told myself that I am going back to the gym and start losing some unwanted pounds but the laziness in me is too strong to fight!!!!!

I don't wanna go on a fad diet or take weight loss drinks or pills,, I want to do it naturally ,eating balanced diet and exercise ,, but how can I???? ,, the motivation is truly missing!!!!!

I must I must ,, I always say,,,, this cold weather doesn't help!!
I need some comfort ,, comfort food in a cool winters night!!! Full of calories!!!!
Gezzzz,,, I need to go too much whinging!!!!!!

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