Monday, May 3, 2010

Do I Need to study again????

The other day I took my lil pea to a birthday party and while the kids were enjoying a swimming party I was speaking with the mums there.. They are mums who are Nurses from the local Nursing home around the area and the other Mum told me that they are in need of Nurses at the moment.. Since she knew that I was an RN back in the Philppines...

I told her that I still have to take examinations and still have to do some more courses before I can be acknowledged here... But I guess in my mind I am hesitant to do it again,, I have small kids and I guess I have to find ways to get back and study... Its been a loooooong time since I graduated from my degree,, so I would be a bit rusty now heheheh...
I am thinking on getting an online bachelor degree instead,,, A best way because can manage my own time and study on my own pace .. I was seriously looking at that option since it would be convenient for me .. But I still have to decide which degree I should take and find out the pros and cons of it ..
Wish me luck!!!!


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