Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day out

Autumn's cool breeze is just starting here in OZ,,,, As the days get colder , the people are rejoicing!!! We are waiting for a cool days,,, but even when there are days that was cold,, today was splendidly a nice day,,, warm in the sun,, nice to stay at the park,, have a barbecue or just walk around..

Today ,, we went on a Sunday drive at the historic Berrima ,, it was a town filled with history and antiques shops ,, a nice small town in NSW, juts walked around the tourist shops ,, had a nice lunch and a good drive around the town ,, it was a gorgeous day to stay indoors and as a family we love to see things ...
But tonight ,, there is a chill in the air,, cool Autumn nights that make us scamper to warm beds and wear thick comfy clothes ... soon it will be winter and hoping that the we are going through this season without getting sick ,, thinking about getting supplement to boost our immunity,, so I must read about supplement reviews and find out which is the best...

Ahh,, week days again and start the week with a positive mind and enjoy the rest of the evening....


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