Friday, May 28, 2010


In my effort to find a best eye cream and wrinkle cream I tried a sample pack of cream that came from a showbag that I bought from the Royal Easter show..
It was a brand called ROC and OMG I ruined my face!!!!
I've got irritation and redness around the area,, the worst area is my neck which has small hives and really really itchy and swollen.....

Arggg,, I should have known better ,, that whenever I try different products I should make sure that it is allergy free stuff,, because I am prone to allergy ..

I tried to conceal it with foundation and concealer but they are still visible ,, so I might try having a make up free day .... just making sure I wont have visible marks when it heals....
I've only used the product 3 times and straight away I reacted to it...
So I tossed it in the bin while cursing this product!!!!! I hate you ROC!!!!!!!

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