Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Smoke.....???

Last December when we were on Holiday in the Philippines , we were looking around for things to give away for my hubbys Uncle,, we were looking at some products like cigar since Uncle likes to smoke cigar every now and then. But aside from Philippine made we were looking for something different ,, I was looking for a certain brand called Swisher Sweets . Heard about these from other people and my hubby and wanted to try it...

Swisher are small cigars made by Bering. Their unique and secret blend of quality tobaccos and special flavorings produces a very mild, sweet tasting, satisfying smoke. Perfect for those who want a delicious quick smoke on their lunch or coffee break.

Hmmm... sounds SWEET....... Wonder if it smells nice too ??? since I dont like the smell of tobacco will there be a difference if it is sweet.. Just wondering.......

Actually ,, we ended up just buying the local Cigar for him,, since we are there and there is not much variety to it ,,but definitely y will watch out for this product....


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