Monday, April 26, 2010


What a pleasant surprise as my hubby came home the other day with a bouquet of flowers,, Tulips and pink roses ..

Every now and then he would have surprise for me....

I was cooking dinner when he came home,, we was suppose to have a visitor that night, my hubby's old friend from primary but the last minute he canceled because of unexpected commitment,, hubby just rung up around 3 pm to tell me his friend cannot come,, after all those running around the places to organise dinner.... that is why hubby came home with flowers for my effort... Good on yah Love!!!!!!

Anyway ,, last Saturday ,, we have a visitor ,, another friend of his , he came with his wife and a kid and it was good to catch up on him ,, finding out that he is again studying and this time as a lawyer,,, he is working in the morning and studying at night,,, We are happy to hear that he is trying to pursue a good career.. he would not have a hard time finding a job he can use a Legal job search....

Anyway , It was a good night and a good dinner,, and this would not be the last dinner for us....


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