Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our old pet

When I was younger ,, we used to have a fish pond in our garden,, but wothout a fish pond filter so it was hard to keep the water clean and the fish ended up dead.... That was a long time ago and my parents knew nothing about keeping things alive.... hehee ,, oppps but I'm alive....

Anyway... I am just reminiscing and remembering our old house ,,its been 6 months now since we moved from our house into a rented place. We are going to built a new house that's is why we sold our house and temporarily living into a rented place which is a newly built house ,, so no complaints about this place ,,

When we moved my hubby and I decided to get rid of the massive fish tank at home ,, its just too hard to bring it to this place and move it back again, so we called on an Aquarium place so that they can get the aquarium and keep all the contents.. It was hard to let go because the kids love that aquarium ,, they all have names and we were all attached to me...

Siggghhhhh...... Miss them!!!!! don't know if we are going to set up another tank when our house is finished since it entails a lot of work and cost too much...


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