Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our day at the Easter show

Its the last Day of the Sydney Royal Easter show which runs from April 1 -14, It is the largest event here in Australia.
We went there last April 5 Monday which is a public holiday here in Oz and boy oh boy it was jam packed ... With all the events that was happening with thousand of things to do ,, I was already suffering from a head ache ,, good thing I bought a Nurofen ..
The first thing that we did was to go around the livestock area , so the kids can see the Farm animals and went to the Farmyard nursery where the kids can pat and feed the baby animals ,, and my lil Missy was freaking out because there was a hungry lamb that was following us,,, so as we walked around the area my hubby was carrying Lil Miss,, and I was trying to calm her down so that she can pat the animals ,, How can we ever have a Farm animals when we move to an acreage ???? I guess they will get used to it,, even my Big boy was hesitant to pat the animals..
Anyway,, as we moved on we went to the Chooks area, or the poultry which Lil Miss is still unhappy eventhough the chooks and the ducks are in the cages ,, ok ok ,, lets move......
The Dairy Farm,,,, but yeah,, anything with four legs they don't want to appreciate !!!!!!

So one thing that they like was the carnival fair with all the rides for kids and adult and all the carnival games where you can win some big stuffed toys ....

Hubbhy and I enjoyed the Toyota V6 Hilux show and my boy loves the Robosaurus the fire breathing carnivorous monster ,, the main arena was packed that afternoon and we were sitting on the wet grass area,, and suffered from a leg cramps after the show ,, it was choc a block ....!!!

We also visited the Woolworths Fresh Food dome and food lovers walk which you can sample some products and I think you will be all stuffed out after tasting all the food which can make your calorie intake soar high and might need the best diet pills to shed it off....

There are heaps of shows left and right and too much to mention,,, It was worth going there and get entertained ,, a whole day event and loads of FUN!!!!!

But of course the main part is the SHOWBAG!!!! Thousand of them!!!!!! Showbag for kids and adult and when you go inside the Showbag pavilion be ready to go home with more than 4 showbags !!!!!!!!!

But over all it was a good experience for the kids and for us,,, my kids were wonderful and well behaved lil humans and we are quite happy with that even though we spent alot!!!!!!!

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