Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not Cheap

As I get hooked into fashion and make up via style and make up gurus in Youtube ,, they give good tips and tricks and they try different brands and give their own reviews about a particular brand,, One thing that I found out is that we here in Oz are being ripped off ,, The prices of beauty products here are ridiculously high ,, way too high,, for example a Revlon Photo ready foundation cost around 35 AUD but in US it cost around 13 USD and they even have offer from other stores buy one take one!!!!! OMG... what a big difference!!!!

Everything here is expensive in compare to America,, that's is why if I find something that I like I look around the net first and find out how much it is and order it online ,, even with the shipping fee it is still cheaper...

I am looking for the best anti wrinkle cream online and checking out some reviews about it and ready to order ....
That is why whenever they say drugstore products in US they are the affordable make up stuff,, but here they are still dear.... I better off buying the expensive brands since they cost the same.. like example I bought the Revlon foundation and the MAC foundation which is 35 buck,, a dollar difference,,, Come on!!!!!! Now I now where to get it and which one is to be avoided .. Thanks to all the gurus ........ I need to be a smart buyer here....


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