Monday, April 26, 2010

New Teen Idol

Its all about Justin Bieber!!!!! I would hear a lilltle bit about him from my teenage daughter but I really doesnt know who he is,,,

And after todday incident here in Sydney ,, Its one of the top news on TV...

Find out here....

News from Yahoo7 check out the site
Biebermania has hit Australia hard, and probably ruptured a few eardrums in the process.

Girls - and a few boys - aged from six to 16 screamed, laughed and cried as they caught a glimpse of the Canadian pop sensation during his appearance on the Seven Network's Sunrise program.

But the morning was not without high drama.

His scheduled open air three-song appearance had to be called off by police concerned about the safety of thousands of tweenage girls who had camped out overnight at the planned venue in The Rocks, the historic CBD enclave on Sydney Harbour.

But the heartbroken, tear-streaked fans should have trusted in Bieber.

"I don't cancel," the 16-year-old tweeted.

"I love my fans...I love it here in Australia...and I want to sing."

Bieber had been scheduled to perform at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at 7.40am (AEST).

But mass hysteria quickly descended into chaos when 5,000 star-struck teenagers had already arrived at the venue before dawn, forcing police to cancel the gig about 6am.

Network Seven's Sunrise weather presenter Grant Denyer said they had hired the "best security you could imagine", but they were concerned that it might not be enough.

"We were expecting this to be the biggest concert we ever had, but we just couldn't have foreseen this scale," Denyer told AAP.

"Some girls were collapsing at the front... the last thing we wanted was for someone to be hurt or injured... and we just had to make the call."

Police defended the organisers, saying everyone had been prepared for the crowds - just not for the hyped-up youngsters ignoring their instructions.

"They wouldn't listen to our directions, so hence they left us with no option," Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens told reporters, adding it was a concern that so many youngsters were out at night without their parents.

Several girls were treated at the scene, but eight, aged 12 to 16, had to be taken to hospital.

While one had fractured her knee cap, most were being treated for hyperventilation, or "getting worked up", a NSW Ambulance spokesman said.

Yuppp... now he would be on every news,, just dont know if his popularity will remain the same...

Anyway,, cheers to him...... got to check on the site offering a good wholesale insurance ...
Hope the girls who were hurt are doing fine.....


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