Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loving my cream

As the weather gets cold , this is the time that my skin needs a really good moisturizer.

I've tried heaps of moisturizer and I came to love Olay which is really good for my skin,, especially during winter which I suffer from dry skin on the side of my mouth and cheeks, when I switched from my old brand to Olay ,, I just never looked back, I also started reading about wrinkle cream reviews and finding the best one,, but I would definitely sttick to Olay since my skin is loving it!!!!
I use Total Effects 7 in one anti ageing cream with a hint of foundation in the morning,, it has SPF 15 and just love the little bit of foundation ...
At night time I use the Olay Definity anti ageing which is a tone correcting cream since I have lots of sun spots and freckles ,, hoping that it will illuminate my skin and I also use the eye cream ..
I love the smell of Olay definity !!!!!! and the feel is so light and not greasy .....

There is a new Olay product in the market, the Olay Pro X range and there are lots of buzz about these products and I might try this and find out if its good ,....


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