Friday, April 30, 2010

Finding a gift

As I walked around the shops I cant help but noticing all the SALE that is happening all over .. The good thing about it , is that almost all of the things on SALE are for women especially for MOTHERS ,,,, ahhh don't you just love Mothers Day,, there are also special packages available on special prices... So I think this is one of the best time to buy things from Perfumes, best eye cream for wrinkles , Lingerie, Make up, Kitchen gadget, jewelries and all sort of stuff....

So what I did was to go window shopping and find out which one do I like and make a wish list at home!!!!!!!
Yupp Give the kids and hubby ideas on what I like!!!
I was eyeing on some of those nail stuff,, maybe OPI nail polish kit..... or a Jag watch... so kids read this ok...... hehehe


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