Thursday, April 22, 2010

Congrats to the winner!!!!

Biggest Loser Australia winner is LISA

It was such a transforamation for all the contestants who joined this year's Biggest Loser ,, Having been thoriugh all this journey must be a great experience for everyone and I might say that they are all winners in their won right by losing weight through hard work and perseverance which is such a hard thing to do ...



Lisa’s also hoping that her win and personal transformation will inspire other mums. “I think being the first female Biggest Loser in Australia and being a 41-year-old Mum, I’m hoping that it opens doors for lots of mums out there that struggle with their weight,” she explains. “I hope that I can help them get some inspiration and do what I’ve done because it is achievable. It is realistic to lose weight and get to a healthy weight range when you haven’t been for so long.”
Excerpt and photos from Biggest Loser website

Lisa is just look amazing and glowing and beaming with happiness and who shouldnt be ,, she just worked hard and deserve it!!!!!! Congratulations and to al the contestants All the best and keep it up!!!! I guess I have to be inspired and loose some more kilos and not to think about using adipex diet pills just get up and start working hard!!!!


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