Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've been unusually quiet for the past few days, just a quick update for all my readers ,, I am still alive and kicking , its just been busy at work at the moment and I barely have time to update my blog,, so caught up with so many things ,, that even my shopping habit had changed ,, I no longer go out for my weekly shopping trip or window shopping ,, hayyy I miss it so much,,, since we came back from holiday I've never been out clothes shopping,,, although I've done heaps of shopping overseas,, bought some really trendy shoes, urban clothing for my teenage daughter and even bag shopping (For ME) ,, so its fair enough that I don't have to accumulate my stuff...

But as I say this ,, we already changed season, and it is Autumn now here in Oz ,, where nights are getting colder and morning breeze are getting crispier,,, so it means,,, I have to take out our warm clothing out of the closet and it means I have to sort my kids clothes and find out if they still fit them or else I have to really go shopping for winter clothes......


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