Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School Holiday soon

Ahhhhh ,, one more day and its going to be a Loooonng weekend... how I love long weekends.... so no work on Friday and Monday ,,, Lenten season and its time to slow down a bit ,, with all the fast paced life ,,, too much work ,, worrying on bills,, school stuff,, insurance quote to look at ,, car registration and all sorts of bills... I just want to breathe ...

Aside from that its School HOLIDAY!!!! It would be a noisy house again,,, kids running around,, looking for things to do ,, non stop eating and snacking,, too much TV and playstation time... Anyway, I have to come up with activities for them ,,, be creative and keep them occupied , but for sure we are all going to have a good time , because I love spending time with them!!!!
Enjoy your holiday!!!


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