Friday, March 26, 2010

Need to find activities for the kids

It will be school holiday here in Oz in a couple of weeks from now and I am dreading the said holiday,,knowing that kids would be at home nagging of things to do , I know I have to get ready and start organizing some activities for them to keep them occupied,,, like visiting the library, going to the park , watch a movie , go for a picnic ,, do some sport games ,, swim , and I want them to learn how to play ping pong,, that is why the other day I was looking for ping pong tables at the shop ,, I used to play that when I was young and I wanted the kids to learn it too...
But no matter what activities we are going to do ,, I would love to spend it with them , when my youngest started Kindy last January I've been missing spending time with her so , hopefully we are going to have a splendid School holiday

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