Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Busy

Last week I took some photos of our business premises,, we needed to upgrade some photos on our Business Internet site ,, when we were on holiday in the Philippines my hubby was talking to my nephew about making some changes on our site,, since my nephew is a doing Internet sites it would be good that he can change ours and make it more professional looking..

He needed some more photos to make the site more appealing and he will arrange evrything for the Internet site so that it would be easy to find our business online..

We are hoping that through the site we can get more exposure and eventually lead to more customers , since more and more people are searching online since it is easy for them...
So I have to email some of the photos to get the things done and have a good traffic on our website... also needed some more things at work like bills to be paid, credit card stuff , instant life insurance quote to read and heaps more ....

So watch out for it,, I will post the link when its done...


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