Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dance lil girl

It was an open day for my daughter's dancing school . meaning parents and relatives are invited to come in and watch their kids while they are learning how to dance,, this is my B's first dancing lesson ,, she just started last January and so far she is loving it,, so when they announced that it is an open day ,, I have to be there, although I decide not to bring my DSLR camera and instead used my Iphone ,, I should have brought it with me because my lil princess is so cute doing the dance moves,, there are heaps of parents some of them using their cell phones to take photos.

I don't want to sound biased my my lil B is one of the best dancers there,, she's got the rhythm, and can follow the steps ,, I am so happy to see her enjoying it,, she is doing Tap, Jazz and Ballet and with the amount I'm paying , it is not a waste seeing her shine!!!!!!

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