Saturday, February 6, 2010

Try to look nice

I am into make up and hair lately , last time when I went on a holiday I was on holiday I have to wear make up (fuuny ehh.. on holiday but wearing make up) well because I haven't been back home for 9 years and when I went to my homeland all I did was to catch up with all my friends ,, so I wanted to look presentable and feeling pretty ,, I don't want them to see me haggard and old looking ,, its been awhile and want to surprise them,, luckily enough I've got positive responses from most of them...

So when I came back here in Oz, with a confidence that is looming I wanted to keep the look and learn more tricks and tips to look better, so I've been watching some tips on you tube and reading some articles about beauty and health I am also frequently checking on some daily deals on some products so I can snatch up a bargain,, but I don't wan to go overboard that is why I am looking or some sale at the stores or even online.
So stay beautiful everyone!!!!


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