Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things needed to be done

Its been 4 month now that we moved in here in the apartment, we had settled in well,, I like it since the children's school is just minutes away from here ,, we would leave the house just in time before the bell rings ,, the place is quiet, and we've got a beautiful view of the golf course,, like living in a gold resort ,, every morning we would hear the sound of the ball being hit ,,, OH,,, love that sound ,, feels like relaxing,,, anyway,, I don't want to get too comfy because we are just renting the place and soon we will have to move again ,, hopefully , but we haven't started constructing our house yet....

The house is just conveniently appropriate for us ,, 2 adults and 3 children , although most of our stuff are stashed away in the garage , we have plenty of space around the house .. but since I decide to put most of our things in the boxes and kept away for awhile ,, I often look at the garage and I can some stuff that needed to be sorted out like the cot that was stacked on the side ,, changing table and a Bob stroller , baby stuff and things that the kids have out grown ,, do I needed to purge them because I don't want to take them with me when I move in to a new place... So that means ,, I needed to sort them out and start selling them or give them away...


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