Saturday, February 20, 2010

New season ....

I was watching a new ad from Target on their range of denim jeans,, since Autumn is coming new season jeans are out on the shops now.. I guess we are not yet ready for the cold season ,, we still love the warmth of Australian Summer , where we can enjoy the outdoors, but yeah the promotion and the shops are busy changing their season stock .. Back to Target jeans I am so loving their skinny jeans ,, first of all I'm not that skinny and I guess I needed to trim up a bit but not contemplating on going on a diet pills after reading some adipex side effects ,, but just to be tone so I can buy this sexy skinny jeans,, not only it is affordable it looks great... Or maybe looks great on the model ,, hahahaa,,

anyway I would definitely check out these jeans ,, I would try them and might ask hubby " Does my bum looks big on these???""" Hopefully not!!!!!


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