Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loving new things

I am into make up suff at the moment,, after discovering some make up guris in You tube I am so addicted to them at the moment,,, so I'm off facebook and checking out stuff on youtube...

I learned so much stuff form watching make up tutorials aside from the best products also some hair tutorial and skin care,, finding the best wrinkle cream , face cleaner and lots more...

But some make up are not available here in Australia ,, like the Urban Decay ,, which I am very interested,,, I wanted to get the Alice in Wonderland kit,,, I was already putting things on my card while doing online shopping ,, but to find out that they do not ship international!!!! Waaa,,, you kidding me???
Anyway,, I have to get them.... so I ask my sister if she knows someone who can buy it for me and then ship it here,,,, since my sister have heaps of blogger friends in USA,,, luckily one blogger agreed to get it for me... easy!!!! send the money thru paypal and she ordered it,,, she already have the make up and soon to be posted to me!!!!! Getting excited and cant wait to try it!!!!!!!!
I'll post it when the items arrived.... see yah.....


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