Saturday, January 30, 2010

What to do

The 2010 school year started last Thursday here in Australia and my boy is back to school and now in Year 1 ,, he was so excited to go back to school and eager to see his teachers and friends...

My youngest daughter will start Kindergarten on Monday and she is also excited to go to school ,, she's attended the orientation and the assessment and she is ready to go to school .. For sure there will be no drama on Monday because I know how much she is looking forward to be in school with her big brother...

Friends are asking me what am I going to do now that my youngest will be off to school... Im child free for 6 hours every weekdays.. Yippee!!!!!

Hmm first of all I have to do some serious clean up ,, home office clean up ,, I have heaps of papers piled up to compiled and needs an immediate attention,,, then have our tax done!!! its been long overdue and I might get fined for it.. get a quotation term life insurance , pay bills, update our information because we moved to a new place,, have my daughters Mac Book repaired,, too much stuff to be done and they need to be done ASAP!!!
So I guess I have to go and start working ....


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