Thursday, January 14, 2010


My boy who is suffering from Asthma is unbelievably feeling better here in the Philippines,,, before we traveled overseas ,, my hubby and I were quite worried about him coping with the weather and the pollution in Hk and in the Philippines,, but its good that he is feeling better,,, no asthma!!!! but yesterday he was feeling itchy ,, he is allergic to cats and certain furry animals,,, so when we rode a horse carriage , he was sitting in front,, he started getting itchy,,, we thought that it must have been the horse's hair,, or the smoke coming out from the jeepney ,, we went on a ride around Intramuros , although it was exciting it was nerve wrecking to see some itchy spots appeared on my boy's cheek,,, went back to the hotel straight away and he had a cool shower , afterwards he was feeling better,,, whooo,,,, good thing he was OK ,,, no need for air filter ,, nebulizer or even meds for him at this time.....


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