Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lovely place to stay

Is there such a thing as natural fat burner ??? because I badly needed it ,, with all the food that I ate and the alcoholic beverage that O consumed I will surely need to detoxify and loose weight,, I know I know I kept on saying about how much I ate ,,, but hey HOLIDAY ,,,

Ok,, I'll just share the place that we stayed ,,

Its at Sofitel ,, a beautiful place to stay in to watch a sunset and enjoy and have a drink...

there is a small playground where kids can have fun and there are ladies there to look after them ,,, my lil princess enjoyed it so much and befriended the ladies there,, they are very fond of my lil girl that my hubby and I were just lazing around the pool area...

The best position to see the beautiful sunset is right here where the inflatable beds are... just lie down and admire the sunset at the bay,, drink on one hand and camera phone on the other ,,, what a holiday!!!!!


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