Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here I am

I'm partially back from our place here in Taytay,, we spent 4 days at Sofitel Phil Plaza for a small break,, although we are on holiday , we are staying at my Mums place and we needed a break from the noise of the jeepney and tricycle,,, the hustle and bustle of the town is driving us nuts ,,, the loud roar of motorcycles and cars which my hubby thinks needed to change their exhaust,, maybe they also need a roadside assistance !!!!! Well,, staying in a hotel is an expensive option,, but with he pampering and 5 star service it was worth it!!!!!
Love the place and highly recommended..
So now we are back in Taytay and I'm hearing all the noises again..... but back with my family for a short time because soon we are flying back in Oz..... For sure I will miss them all!!!!!

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