Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Times

One of the most memorable event of my holiday was when I caught up with old mates,, old classmates from Primary, High school and College.. I had been away for a long time and seeing them and getting updated were the fulfilling for me...
All the laughter and stories that we shared were not enough .... too bad I miss their compnay and I will surely long for more.... Thank goodness for facebook,,, yeah,, we have a communication already and we can share more stories.....

Eating out and drinking are the most awaited part of the holiday,,, sharing laughter with a glass of beer or cocktail ,, the jokes are out flying!!!!!! the memories are dugged out and the companionship rekindled!!!!!

here is one of the Funny moments I shared with friends Cet , Jennie,, friend Cet is cracking out a joke trying to hide her adult acne !!!! is there such a thing?????? hahaha

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