Monday, January 25, 2010

Day out!!!

Ahhhh,, A decent Italian Pasta at Criniti my hubby's fave Italian Restaurant,, we love to go to Criniti at Parramatta but this time we opted to go toy Darling Harbour and try their restaurant there... we are longing for Pasta,,, since hubby is Italian and we didnt eat a proper Italian food when we were on holiday in Pinas,, yeahhh,, Jolllibbe Spag,,, no way for him... the spaghetti is too sweet,,, A visit to the city and a nice lunch will do for us a week after coming back ....

Its at Harbourside Mall upstairs ,, Nice decor ,, bigger than the one at Parramatta,, Nice water view,,,,

but oopppsss ewww.... a lipstick stain on my wine glass,,, take it away pls!!!!!!!!

The service person was accomodating and we are looked after, the kids meal came with our entree and it was really nice...

My meal is Spgahetti Calabrese small plate my Hubby ordered a Spag Bolognese large plate and whoooaaa,, it can feed a whole family
and a Nutella Pizza,,, If you love Nutella heaps of it ,, You will like this one!!!!!!!! . WEll,, I must say I need a weight gain supplement ,,, too much Yummy food here...

.... We did not finish the meal and just asked the guy to place in a take away container,,, it was almost a 3 kilo pasta !!! Heavy for us to walk around ,, hahaha so left it in the car first ,,, then we walked around the darling Harbour ,, the weather was a bit gloomy,,, no sunshine... but a nice day to walk around , we went to the IMAX theatre to check the time for AVATAR 3D but it was fully booked even the 2 more sessions.... BUSY!!!!

So walked around and tried to burn those calories.......


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