Sunday, December 26, 2010

B1's toy

My boy is fascinated about Toy Story,, yes he ept on watching the 3 movies and he even dress up as Buzz Lightyear and keep on asking Santa to give him a Buzz Lightyear toy for Christmas good thing he is not asking for Woody Dress up costume ,, the hat the Cowboy boots and the holster,, it might be an uncle mikes holsters ,, anyway ,, he is quite fascinated with Buzz this time, must because of the can press the buttons and he can hear Buzz...

Yup ,,, the photo above is the toy that he received for Christmas and he was so ecstatic when he opened the gift ... ahhhh the smile on his face was priceless......

Planning the landscape

As the house is starting to look really nice  and we will be ready to move in before the end of January 2011 , we are already making plans on how to do the landscape ,, we have a huge area to work on 3.5 acres and we are getting excited about it ,, for sue we will have a place of m herb garden ,, I will surely be having a herb garden since the herbs at the shop are so expensive it would be such a convenience to pick my own crops in the garden,,,  we will also have fruit trees, lemon, lime , mango, apple,, trees also considering olive trees  . 

Sheep and lambs , chickens, and birds ,,  yes we will have them too ..  I have to psyche myself up ,, I'll be a farmer soon....  hehehe but honestly I am so excited about it !!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reindeer car

The reindeer car ,,, yes the reindeer car is everywhere !!!!!

My kids love em and everytime they see a Reindeer car ,, they all squeal with delight ,,, so when I saw the nose and antler at the dollar shop which is $5 I have to grab them, and kids were ecstatic to see my reindeer car .. They are really a charmer and put a smile on everyones faces ... That reminds me to chek out car insurance rates since I need to renew mine next month...
So to everyone,,,, enjoy your day and for sure this car would have a hard time finding a car spot at the mall......

Love to watch movies

We love to watch movies ,, actually movies at home,, movies that we missed to watch in the cinema, so whenever there is a DVD sale I go through the list and check the movies that my hubby and I would like to watch ,,

Last week I bought the DVD Inception by Leonardo DiCarpio ,, it was an interesting movie , with all the action scenes and incredible stunts ,, but too bad Im just watching in a normal DVD and TV and it would be nice to watch it in a home theater ,, would it be lovely to hear them on a surround system,,,.. I checked for home theater reviews to find out which one is the best,, hubby and I are considering to set up a home theater once the house is finished and if we have a left over funds to do it .... but it would be lovely to laze in your own in house theater.... with popcorn and soda of course... ;-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Small update on the house

This is what the our house look right now ,,, with windows , doors, roof and painted outside but still heaps of stuff to do inside and out.. We started digging on May 2010 and it is looking really good right now,,, electricity is already hooked up ,, so no more generac generators , the water still not hooked up ,, so we just buy water and delivered and stored in a small tank ...

Seeing this house makes me feel excited !!! Hey gorgeous house ,, we will soon move in and for sure we will have a good and happy memories together!!! :-)

Need to buy a new mattress

As our new house is starting to take shape ,, i am already getting excited to decorate the house,, Today I was looking at all my stuff here at the rented house and checking out which one will stay with us and which ones are gonna be given to charity ,, sell on eBay and pass on to friends,,, I've done most of them before we moved from our old house ,, but it seems that there is still alot of things to be purged ...

One thing for sure is that we need a new mattress , so Im checking out a mattress sale so that I can grab a good bargain ,, we built an guest room ,, so my old mattress will go there and then we will buy a new bed ensemble for our Masters bedroom ,, we are also thinking of getting a king size bed so hopefully we can find a good one...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What to give.....

Finding the right gift is sometimes hard ,, there are huge selection in the market.. But for kids TOYS , game consoles are among the favourite ..

PS3 games , Wii , Nintendo games are amongst the choices for older kids...
But for my kids who are 7 and 5 a boy and a girl , I still have to sometimes consult them and ask them what do they want for a gift ...

My lovely lil girl said,, whatever I give her ,, she'll be happy ...ahhhhhhh that is so nice...
But my boy in the other hand keeps on reminding me what he likes for Christmas .. One day he will say something then the next day it will be different.... Too much choices ,, that's why ,,, and with all the junk mail that shows all the toys ,,, its just ploy so that the kids can nag their parents ....

But this year ,, we are trying to tone down with the gifts ,,, just 2 gifts ,, one from Santa and one from Mum and dad.... no more extra ................

Friday, December 3, 2010

An Event to watch

I love to watch Master Chef on TV and been a fan since the Masterchef 1 went on air ... It thought me so much and given people inspiration to unleash the masterchef in them ....
Junior Masterchef is already finished and I just enjoyed that show very much,, I watched the show with my kids and they also love it ..

My favourite judge is George K,, he seems to be down to earth ,, although I guess he should have taken human growth hormone ,,, nahhhh he is amazing and a talented guy ,, I would love to visit his restaurant someday ,,, not to forget the other famous judges Gary and Matt which are equally talented too..
Its their natural charm that is very attractive to all the viewers that made the show number 1 ..
They are having a Masterchef Live show on December 10-12 at Royal Hall Industries at Hordern Pavilion ,, hmmm,,, this would be an exciting show ,, so grab your tickets now before it runs out....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have to do it...

Its December again !!! how time flies ,, soon another year and some more photo snaps ,,, I just went thorugh all my files of photos and I was surprised to see that my Iphoto is holding mor than 19,000 photos ... gezz,, that is a lot ,, I guess that this should be one of my to do list ... Organize my photos ,, move them use a custom usb drives custom usb drives , make a photo book ,, put them on a CD,, just do something ,, that is a too much to handle ,, my son loves to go and browse he Iphoto and go look at those pictures ,, he just enjoy ooking at them and bringing back memeories ,, just lovely to see the old pics.. I just really need to start something productive,, maybe I 'll start now.....

What a celebration

November 25 , 2010 was the day I turned 40 !!! It was celebrated in a special way ,, actually I call it a FEAST ,,, my hubby and I love to eat ... try different foods and enjoy evry minute of it .

Thursday night ,, Huuby and I and my 3 kids ,,, hubby's Aunty and Uncle+ 2 kids joined us in a dinner at Biberdum it was nice but the kids meal took a long time before they served.

Friday Night , hubby and checked in at Shangrila hotel Sydney and went for a 7 meal gustation at the Altitude restaurant and boy oh boy it was really good and appetizing .

Saturday noon went to Balmain to check out Adriano Zumbo's patisserie and there was a queue outside,, but we patiently waited for our turn,, and gezzz with all those nice cakes around I cannot decide which one to buy ,, but we did not forget to get those famous Zumbo macaroon ...

Saturday night was another 7 meal gustation at Galileo restaurant and another splendid meal !!!!

Not to forget a daily buffet breakfast !!!!! Hubby and I were stuffed !!!! No wonder were a bit chubby heheheh ,,badly needed a weight loss pills that work .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yes..... Christmas season ,,,, time for Shopping!!!!!!!! buying gifts for my kids, friends and relatives,,, don't know where to start .......

Unlike in the US where they have a Black Friday where they say its the biggest sale ...Here in Oz we have the after Christmas sale ,,the stock take sale ,, yeah where you buy stuff that wasn't sold before Christmas,,, gezzz the left overs .... why cant we have a big sale before Christmas?????

There are few things that I am eyeing for ,, decor for the house,, accessories and all sort of stuff ,, need to upgrade the worn out towels, linens and home ware ,,, ahhh it would be nice to have new stuff in a new home ... Hopefully by Christmas we can move in to our new place ,,, getting excited here!!!!

See that tree???

We took the kids to Martin Place in Sydney to see the massive Chritmas tree on display ..

Saturday night around 6:30 ,, we decided to hopped in the car and drove 45 minutes to the city ,, found a parking at Martin place and kids were ecstatic to see the huge christmas tree ,,, it is really nice ,, so took some photos and told the kids that we will have dinner first then come back when its dark so they can see the lights on the tree...
Walk to Darling harbour for a dinner ,, stayed for one hour and walked back to Martin place,,,, ahhh the streets of Sydney ,, ( George street on a Saturday night was packed with yuppies all dressed up to go to clubs .. hubby was very wary f things and always telling me to hurry up since we have the kids and walking at that time of the night ,, is not really a good idea with kids ,, with party goers who are drunk and some idiots on the street , we have to rush ,,, anyway,, no hassles and we made it back to the place by 9:30 and more photos taken....

Off we went and kids are just to tired ,, doused to sleep in the car ......

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tis the season.....

Ahhh ... The season of Christmas holiday had started already,, if you can notice all the Christmas decorations are all out in the shops .. Few houses are decorated and our local council already lit up a giant Christmas tree the other day ,,, my kids are practicing their Christmas carols in school and people are flocking the shops ,, hard to park!!!! these are the things that makes Christmas exciting ..... looking for a perfect gift .... there are options either to go to the shop or might as well buy online .. gifts for xmas red envelope .. But one thing for sure ,, my kids are not gonna be spoiled this Christmas...... since we are building our house ,, we need to be at least practical about their gifts ,, since they mostly have everything they can possibly want ....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pear ..........

Ok OK ... Adriano Zumbo strikes again !!!! With a beautiful creation called Pear Perfection...

On the finals of Junior Masterchef Australia , the pressure test was on for Jack who is 13 and Isabella who is 12... The dessert was a challenge for both of them and they both did a great job bringing justice to Zumbo's creation ,, even Jack scored 11 over 10 from the judges ,, they said he over passed Zumbo ... hmmmm anyway,, that dessert looks divine. You can visit Masterchef Australia ,, coz the recipe is posted already .... BTW it was Isabella who won the Junior MasterChef Australia.

The good news is that next week my hubby and I will travel to Balmain to go to pig out on all the eye popping cakes there.. Wohooo... Now I can hum ... its my birthday ,,, its my birthday!!!! I've been eating too much calories and its my birthday and my tum is bulging ... do diet pills work ???? because I need that cut some pounds....

Need to save

I took my boy yesterday to his Speech therapy and he is adjusting well with his therapist ,, its been almost 2 years when he stopped doing his therapy and now his back to his sessions , he is coping well ..

I just hope that this will help him a lot and though the sessions he can gain confidence and cope well in school works too .. He goes there every fortnight although its a big cut from our budget , we are determined to continue with it ,, so it means I have to cut back on some other stuff ,, finding ways to save lie looking for a cheapest health insurance provider , cutting on credit card expenses and everyday luxuries .
Money is getting tight and have to be practical and learn how to save ...
How about you how do you save????

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love to watch...

My hubby and I love to watch a show ,, either a concert or a theater , so whenever there is a good show in the city ,, we try to organize a baby sitter if possible,, sometimes we take the kids with us so that they can appreciate a good show ... my kids are 16 , 7 and 5 ,, last time we took them to watch WICKED which was really a good show,,,, then we also took them to WEST SIDE STORY , which is a little bit disappointing ,,, anyway ,, I found out that MARY POPPINS is coming to town so we are exited and I will surely check that online to get theater tickets , my kids would definitely love this show ....

Hubby and I are also talking about watching the show JERSEY BOYS The story of Frankie Valli and the Four seasons,, heard about good reviews on this show and would like to see if it is really good ,, so anyway ,,, have to check it out ....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pack Away......

As the weather here in Oz gets warmer ,, its the best time of the year to store away winter clothes. I have a big plastic container to place all my winter gears ,, but I have some delicate sweaters that needed to be looked after ,, since I bought them recently and they needed to be stored in a special way I searched for the best way to pack it away and found these tips and will love to share it to everyone,,,
Excerpt from

Have the cashmere sweaters professionally dry cleaned. You want to be sure that they are thoroughly clean and free from body oils, perspiration, food and other substances that attract moths before putting them into storage.

Purchase a resealable plastic or muslin/canvas bag for each sweater. It is important that each cashmere sweater be protected in its own bag. Also make sure that your sweater bags are not airtight, so the cashmere fibers can breathe just a bit during storage.

Place a cedar block or mothball inside each sweater bag. This helps keep moths and other vermin away from your sweaters.

Wrap herbal-scented sachets (available at your local bed and bath store) inside handkerchiefs and place one in each sweater bag. Scents that work best (and also dissuade moths from paying a visit) include rosemary, lavender, cedar, orange and cloves.

Place each of your cashmere sweaters into a bag. Make sure that the handkerchief-wrapped sachets are resting next to your sweaters, not on top of them. Then place your sweater bags on sturdy shelves inside a closet.

Strong dollar

OK.... this is how Aussie dollar is now ......... almost equivalent to $1 US ....

They were saying that it is good for Aussie buyers ,, we can now buy online stuff that is usually expensive here ,,, hmmmmm,,, how about Prada , Gucci , LV bags...?????
Online shopahloics are getting excited with this news...
But on the other hand bad for the Australian tourism and retailers .....

I dont think it will stay high this long so I guess I have to make the most of it while its high ... so gonna check some online sites ,, might get stuff for a bargain price......

The Australian dollar reached a post float 28-year high overnight, pushing above parity with the US dollar, after the central bank raised the cash rate and the US dollar weakened.

It was the third time in three weeks that the local unit edged above parity with the US dollar.

At 0700 AEDT, the Australian dollar was trading at 99.86 US cents, up slightly from Tuesday's close of 99.85 US cents.

The record high came after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised the cash rate to 4.75 per cent on Tuesday afternoon and the US dollar weakened as global risk sentiment improved.

Bank of New Zealand currency strategist Mike Jones said the Australian dollar reached 100.25 US cents just after midnight AEDT following the RBA's surprise interest rate rise.

"The Aussie hit a 28 year post-float high overnight," Mr Jones said from Wellington.

"The RBA rate hike provided the impetuous to get the Aussie over the line."

After touching parity early in the European session the local unit twice nudged above one US dollar during the New York session.

"The first time the Aussie got above parity, it quickly erased those gains, but this time the Aussie seems to be on a much surer footing, so we'll probably see it around the parity mark for longer," he said.

"Not only was there support for the RBA rate hike overnight, but moving through the overnight US session we also had the US dollar on the back foot and global stock markets were on the ascendancy and that added to positive sentiment,' he said.

"So everything went the Aussie's way in the end."

US stocks rose on Tuesday as investors moved into riskier assets following a steep drop in the dollar, putting the Dow Jones industrial average near its highest point of the year.

European stock markets also closed higher, with investors expecting the US Federal Reserve to announce more stimulus measures in an effort to keep the US economic recovery on track.

Mr Jones said the Australian dollar had been assisted by US dollar weakness.

He expects the local currency to trade around parity during the domestic session.

Early on Thursday morning (AEDT) the US Federal Reserve will announce its decision on stimulating the American economy.

The Fed is expected to to buy government bonds from banks to encourage lending and stimulate the flagging economy.

Locally, the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases building approvals data on Wednesday, and on Thursday issues retail trade and international trade figures.

News fro YAHOO7

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toot toot.....

This is my boy taken when we went to visit Thomas the Tank at the Zigzag railway last month . he is a Thomas the tank fanatic and with a beaming eyes when Thomas came puffing along the rail tracks ...

Ahh such a big boy now ,,, with a Thomas the tank face painting ,, thank Goodness not an eczema on his face ,,, ahhh he used to suffer from it when he was young ,, on his cheeks, neck , back legs and arms finding an eczema treatments and doing some precautionary measure to avoid a flare up , 7 years old now and cleared up my boy is growing heaps fast...
But ,, he still love the good old Thomas the Tank.!!!

Hurrying Up

As we are built our house we are slowly moving on .. as an owner builder ,, we have the task of finding good tradesmen ,, and believe me its hard to find one...

We sometimes look online finding people around our area there is a to check for , we also ask friends for recommendations , local paper or TV ads .
Specially with the end of the year when most of the tradesmen are busy and will soon be on a holiday its hard to chase them to do a job,,,
We are pushing hard to finish the house before Christmas ,, even if not fully finished but is livable with all necessary amenities...
Its hard to rent ... every week we have to fork out weekly rent and its not cheap eyy..

I just want to start and moving things if I can,,, but there are heaps of things to do ,,, just patiently waiting here .........

Hanging there

The economy is on a steady phase at the moment .. Its good to know that it has pick up from last time when we had a recession and it had affected everyone big time,, we can still feel the backlogged of those things ,, we are still catching up and its like forever gonna catch up ....

Its a staying alive game.

Our business is hanging on and I'm hoping that everything will run smoothly , workers are working hard , no one wants to loose a job or ask for payday advance but merely doing their own job .
My hubby is working hard and doing a great job handling the business.. 2010 had been good and we are still here and hoping for some more years to come and prosper.....

Warming up ....

A beautiful Spring day here,,, thank goodness that the rain had stopped and today we had a warm 24C weather ,,, even tonight I am wearing a short sleeve shirt and I just love it,, no more cold nights and slouchy clothes ....

It is the best time to pack away Winter clothes ,, I 've already done the kids clothes and tomorrow I will tackle my hubby's clothes first ,,, since I have more stuff than him ,, I decided to do mine last.

I packed his clothes in a vacuum sealed bag and stashed away in the garage ,,,so its time for men's polo shirts , shorts , singlets, board shorts to come out of hibernation , welcoming the warm Sunshine of Australia!!!!! ahhh just loving the heat !!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cant wear these....

Ahh this is what I call a perfect Spring day!!!! 25 C heat ,,, I was out wearing my short sleeved T shirt ,, sweating and having my window down while driving feeling the warmth of the day on my face ...

Went straight to shop.... hmmm,,, shouldn't I be outside since it was a nice day?????? but I had to go to the shop to accompanied a friend ,, shopping !!!!!ok special here sale here sale there ... Mid season sale,, and I'm loving all the nice girly clothes at the shops

I tried some blouses,,, but arrggggggg....
the clothes are nice but the unwanted pounds that I kept during Winter had ruined everything !! with a flab there and a jiggling bits here ,, guess I need an Appetite suppressant diet pills to lessen my craving for sweet thing,, cheese cake,, soda and chocolates ........ bad bad bad so I guess I still have time to get up and do something about this ,,, as I always say I must I must I must ....

Missing the flowers

Fresh flowers at home,,,, I always used to have fresh flowers on my dining table when we were staying in our house ,, but a year after we sold our house ,, we are now renting while we are building a new house... I miss having some pretty colorful flowers ,,, but when my eldest daughter finished her last show at the musicale we gave her a bunch of flowers and its at home ...

I took a snap of it and yes,,, I havent had a nice dining table for awhile,, so that was the one missing .....
It lifted my spirit ,, its nice to have something nice around the place ,, the flowers lasted for 2 weeks and hoping that I would be placing some more flowers on the table ..

Now regarding the musical that my daughter played ,, it was High school musical staged by our local area . It was such a good show,, Mic played the lead role Gabriella and she had 5 shows as Gabriella but 10 shows all up including the other casts ,, It was a gruelling 5 month rehearsal ,, she was really stressed out and there are days that would show on face by having some acne break outs ,, good thing she started with her acne treatment creams to eliminate the zits straight away ,,,, she also suffered colds and usual flu but good thing on the week before the show everything went well .
It was fun seeing her act , sing and dance and we know that she would be leading to that path ...

A No NO ......

Yes,,, this is so uncool .....
Where the whole Australian Catholics celebrate the canonisation of Mary Mackillop last Oct 17..

So now we have our first Saint .... check out this site to learn more about Saint Mary Mackillop

The Church does not make a saint – it recognises a saint. Canonisation is the act by which the Holy Father declares in a definitive and solemn way that a Catholic Christian is actually in the glory of heaven, intercedes for us before the Lord and is to be publicly venerated by the whole Church.

BUT...... the said picture was a total blow and a NO NO , when they try to make fun of all the things ... For me ,, it is just not right .......

The Catholic Church is outraged by a men's magazine shoot which pretends to show Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop in lingerie and on all fours.

The Zoo Weekly shoot features a model wearing lingerie and nun-style headwear and is under the headline 'Saint Mary Mac and her holy rack.'

Another photograph shows a model on all fours with the caption: 'She's begging for it . . . so she can give it to the poor!'

But the church doesn't think it's funny telling News Limited the six-page spread is an insult to the first Australian saint's legacy and is also demeaning to all women.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picking up

Its the time of the year where everything gets busy ,, and the best time of the year for our business too pick up ,, after the dreaded recession,, things are looking rosy at the moment ..

We have a benchtops business , hubby makes a laminated benchtops and most of the people who orders them are those kitchen places,,, so if it for renovating old benchtops or building a new kitchen ,, that is our business, I help the secretary once in a while but I am the one responsible for paying the bills by netbanking ,, I guess I'll be quite alright with that at the moment ,, I have a very reserved personality I might say ,, I wont be good with sales careerr or anything that deal with people,, I tend to be shy and get easily intimidated so I love staying in the background..
My hubby is a total opposite of me , he can face others and can sell anything,, that's why I leave most of the things for him .

WEll,, hoping that business will run smoothly and will give us a good profit ......

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still Blogging

I was browsing to my Iphotos this afternoon and quite amazed knowing that I have 220 events and 18, 500 photos stored in my Iphoto and that is really amazing ,,,, I just dont know how much more can I store in it .... so I told my self that I have to organise the pictues and transfer some of them in a CD or my external harddrive ..

I sometimes keep them there so I can easily access it when I need some pictures for my blogging ,, hmmm... its more than 2 years now since I started blogging and Im still loving it ,,, there are moments that I wasnt posting anything and I blame Facebook for that ,, but every now and then I keep my blog updated.
My sister helped me set up my blog,, found a managed web hosting site and visited other blogs .
Blogging is enjoyable and gives me so much inspiration and ideas .

Can I be lucky???

OK .. I guess the whole nation knows that OPRAH is coming here in Australia in December ,,, so if you live in Oz dont know it yet .. "where have you been hibernating???"" it is the biggest news in Oz Land and tickets are now known to be an online lottery... OK ,, so its just gonna be a pure LUCK to be in her show... and YES ,,, I just went to her site and registered ,, crossing my fingers and toes that I will be touched by my lucky Angel.....

Check this out ... while I check out my emails, even junk mails, bills and life insurance quote ..

Oprah Winfrey fans are now flooding the internet in bid for the online lottery for her Australia shows tickets after Oprah called out specially to her fans in Australia to avail of the registration for the lottery schedule announcement set to be made this month.

Oprah's website posted: "Calling all Aussie Oprah Show fans! Be the first to know when tickets will be available."

Here's how to register to be the first to know when the lottery ticket opens :

You can register via To register for the online notification, simply fill up the forms here (click on the linked text) for Australia shows tickets lottery announcement.

Remember that ticketing to Oprah's show in Australia will be finalised by Oprah's Harpo Productions.

Oprah's trip to Australia is part of the country's tourism promotion with funding from the federal and NSW government. The visit will be conducted in partnership with Qantas and is partly financed by Tourism Australia ($1.5 million) from its current marketing budget. The NSW government will shoulder between $1 million and $2 million.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Want to be like them too...

We love Junior Masterchef,,, since the series of Masterchef started we were such an avid fan , especially when the series 2 started , we were glued on the telly and enjoyed every episode,, my kids 7 and 5 would sit with my hubby and I and watched the show , so when the JuniorMaterchef started we were so excited about it..

The top 12 kids on the show are amazingly good... I am wondering how did they get such a talent in cooking. The food that they are preparing are restaurant quality... They are really good and can outsmart the adults...

I wish my kids can cook like them..... sigh,,,,, not too late... since watching the show my kids are asking me if they can help in the kitchen!!!! Alleluja!!!!

so the 1st thing I did was to buy them Junior Masterchef aprons..... and cross my fingers that in the near future that they will whip a 3 course meal for me,,,,, while I just sit and sip a really good wine...... hmmm,, by that kind of lifestyle I will surely gain weight and might need to take hoodia diet pills ... hope not....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'll watch this show

Hubby mentioned to me this morning that he wanted to watch Jersey Boys in Sydney ... So I might check the dates and might book a ticket for it ..

One thing that I hate is getting a crap seating,, last time when we watched the WICKED and WEST SIDE STORY ,, we were seated way at the back ,, I could have brought some scopes for my hubby and I so we can see better ,, but the musical WICKED was really amazing,, we enjoyed it so much .. West Side story hmmm,,, there are some boring bits and while the main actress and actor , for me it seems like they are not compatible , I didnt feel the chemistry between them...

Anyway,, I just hope that this is a good show because dont want to waste my money ...

Mirror mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall,,, Who's the fairest of them all???

WEll,, I know for sure that it wont be ME... sad sad sobbing and whinging......... OK with all the potions and lotions in the market ,, its is so daunting and confusing to choose which product to choose from ..

Different companies claim that they have the best wrinkle cream ,anti ageing serum, eye cream that will blast away the wrinkles around the eyes and so on and so on ......

Just like the other night when Hubby and I were watching TV he just commented on how many ads on TV about creams, beauty products and everything,, he said that "are women that ugly to be bombarded with too much beauty products.... I just told him that women are more conscious about their appearances thats why ....
But it is true too much to choose from.... they always say that most important is the beauty from within ... true but sadly not everyone thinks about that way..... I sometimes dont....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Acne face

I never realised that even at my age I would still have a case of acne... arrgggg,, I am fuming because I have big pimples here , there and everywhere.. The bad part is when it dried up it would end up a noticeable scars that I hated.... I have enough freckle on my face anymore and I don't want acne scars!!!

I've been reading about best acne treatments ,,, facial wash, creams and all sorts of lotion and potions ..... I really need to make this face clear,, the fact that I am almost hitting the big 4 0 and don't want to look like a breaking out teenager ....
I have a teenager myself and I've seen her worst face that was full of acne.. It was so self conscious about it ,, but good thing we went straight to our GP and was given a recommendation to a dermatologist and now she is better and beautiful,, I guess I need to see that doctor too and find out why I'm having break outs...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Turning forty ....

On November it would be a big event for me... I'm turning 40 !!! Oh my,,,,, I just felt old when I announced to the blog world that I am turning 40!!!

My hubby turned 40 last June and I made a really special surprise party and celebration for him... But now its my turn,, I really don't know if Hubby is going to return the favour by making a special stuff for me on my birthday.... I am clueless ..... We are building house at the moment and with all the expenses that we are making I don't know if we can spend / use the money stashed away for the house...
Hmmm,, I just wanted to have a lil gathering with all my closest friends and I'm not fussy with gifts,,, since there are sales everywhere ,, where prices are down up to 70% ,, whoaa that is really a good bargain,, just like going on a Black Friday discounts ,, anyway,,, gifts or no gifts I am happy to be with my loved ones and friends....
FORTY...... whoaaa,,, what a milestone!!!!

TV on the floor

This is what we call our TV area upstairs,,, this is where the kids watch TV, play PlayStation and Wii games and just to hang around.. With a 50 inch plasma TV on the floor ,, yes on the floor ... we badly needed a TV stand for this TV, we went out the other day at the shops and we were looking at the tv stands that was on sale, but we are still not sure whether we should get a low lying cabinet or a big cabinet to put the TV on,, since we are renting this place at the moment , and we are thinking of the things to buy first since we are going to move in the a new house soon ,, anyway,, we do need a stand for this TV ,, don't want to wreck the TV since the kids also play in this area

How to be fit???

Ahh,,, What a glorious Spring weather we had today !!!!! It was nice and warm and I bet yah that most of the people are out doing something outdoors,, Doing sports,, walking, gardening or just going to the park , it's the best day to go out and do something and get fit at the same time , with all those winter fats that I accumulated I just wanted to know how to how to burn belly fat fast !!!!

New season clothes had been displayed at the shops already and seeing all those nice clothes , makes me get motivated to get buffed... I am doing Zumba classes once a week ,, but I guess that is not even enough to get me fit ,,, I definitely will have to do some more exercising and eat the right food ,, but unfortunately what we had for dinner tonight was a succulent KFC chicken... yummm,,,, but a failure for me... :-(


I love doing my daughter's hair everyday before she goes to school. That is our daily routine in the morning,, shower ,, then fix her hair while she is watching TV and having breakfast at the same time , keeps her occupied while I do her hair ...

Someone asked me if her hair is getting thinner because I do her hair everyday,, never noticed it ,, and I hope that she wont need a shampoo for thinning hair ... Her hair is still the same and I hope that it wont be damaged with all the styling that I am doing for her ..
Anyway,, just sharing some of the pics that I've done for her...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little reader

M 5 year old daughter who is in Kindergarten is reading this fabolus book ,, This is her fave book at the moment ,, the famous Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss . I even bought her a Leapster pen so that she can be encouraged to read the whole story ...

I can see that she is such a quick learner and she just love to be challenged and encouraged to learn more...
So I was looking at some other Dr Seuss books at Amazon books and checking out the titles .

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss wrote The Cat in the Hat when challenged by his publisher to write a book that would both entertain beginning readers and have a controlled vocabulary. He succeeded way beyond expectations and his book has become a classic, celebrating its 50th birthday in 2007. The Cat in the Hat is a wonderful character, who is full of surprises. This book is one of the very first entertaining books for children just starting to read on their own. The Cat in the Hat has a controlled vocabulary of 236 words, making it an enduring favorite with beginning readers. Preschoolers also thoroughly enjoy the rhyming text, as well as the Cat in the Hat and his shenanigans. As usual, the illustrations are zany and fun

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warming up ....

Now that it is warming here in Oz,,, cant help but feel happy knowing that we can all enjoy the warm days and be able to go the park , enjoy picnics, go for a swim go on a nice holiday,, ahhh to be able to relax , unwind,, lie on a massage table having a relaxing massage at the spa , go for a bike ride and enjoy all the Fun activities outdoors.

I will soon start to sort out my kids clothes,,, time to pack away all the bulky jackets and jumpers that is taking up most of the wardrobe space . Purge some clothing that needed to be given away for charity or to pass on to friends . So it means , its time to buy new season clothes and shoes.

I went outside scratching my head while looking at the massive winter weeds in my garden ,,... time to spray ,,weed out and fertilize and too bad ,, I am not a garden person but I have to do anyway ,, since we are renting at the moment and the owner would be checking out if we are maintaining the garden...

Anyway,, I looked at the week's weather forecast and it will be sunny the whole week ,, so it means I have time to do it ... so its going to be a Busy week!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Faye's Contest

I am joining contest ,, here are the prizes for the contest

So check out FAYE's blog and join in too...
1st prize - Ladies Chronograph (bic face) watch
2nd prize - Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
3rd prize - Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)

1. Subscribe to my feed via email located right side bar (REQUIRED) - 1 Entry
2. Blog about the contest along with the Prizes {You MUST include the Prizes and My link}- 5 Entries
- If you have multiple blogs, much better. Each blog post along with the Prizes -5 Entries.
3. Leave a comment in this post telling me what you did and give me the link of the blog post. 1 Entry.
4. Comment to any of my post. From August 8,2010 to Sept 8,2010 and you’ll have 1 entry each comment.
-Make it sure it's at least three word ! LOL And NO SPAMMING, PLEASE!

The Contest Ends on the 8th of Sept 2010 so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date. Winners will be announced on Sept 18,2010! The winners will be picked through!

Building Progress

This is the latest progress for our house ... Ahhh,,, if only I have a magic wand I can just build it in a wink,,,,, yeahhhh since my hubby is the owner builder ,, the process is a bit slower than the having a company to build it for us ,,,, we drew that plan for the house and most of the things that we wanted are lots of storage ,, big hallway and good size rooms and a massive Al Fresco area ,, we are getting so excited seeing the frame for the walls because we can see how big the area is going to be ,,, love the outdoor area and we are already having visions about the place,, with outdoor kitchen, big table , TV outside, maybe Casablanca ceiling fans , barbecue area and a seating place .... ahhh,,,, cant wait for it,,, since its Spring time already ,, we are hoping by Summer we will be finished and be chilling out in that place.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun in the snow

Ahhh as we welcome the start of SPRING and we can feel a bit of warmth on the air ,, it's different in the Snowy Mountain ... they say that

"They had the snowiest August in 25 years, so September looks like it could be one of the best ever. Make plans to visit the place ..."

There are heaps of special packages being offered right now and knowing that it would be the end of the season ,, heaps of good deals are coming in,, ... as the place still snow ,, people can enjoy heaps of activities,, aside from snow boarding, skiing,, going on a snow sleds and heaps of fun and activities ,, cant help but reminisce the fun we had 2 years ago when we went to he snow,,, first time for me to see a snow!!!!! and the kids had a ball and everyone was excited,... so hopefully when we are already finish building and already financially settled ,, we will surely go to the snow resort again .....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slowly Building

AS we slowly build our house ,,,, the excitement of seeing it slowly forming is uncontainable... We visit the building site everyday and check on the progress,,, it must be slow ,, even though we wanted to move in by December ,, we are crossing our fingers for it...

There are some hurdles and problems encountered along the way ,, but we are hoping that everything will be OK,, it is also expensive building ,, with expenses here and there ,, we are tightening our budget ,, we just work on our budget and try to find some alternative solution or products just to stay in the budget ,, I know its hard because we like nice stuff but I guess we have to be practical about it ...
With the expenses looming up ,, I guess our lifestyle will change ,, no more expensive holidays,,, ahh,,, I guess we cannot do the Branson vacations this year ,, or the USA trip ,, anyway,, we have to finish the house soon and from then on we can start again ...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting ready to be scared

Ahh time so fast ,, here in Oz ,, we can already feel the warmth of Spring,,, ahhh it would be such a welcome for us ,, I love Spring ,,,

and soon after that the next occasion would be Halloween,,, my kids love to dress up during Halloween,,, its is not a big thing here as in America but I know its a huge celebration... We also do trick or treat and kids are getting dressed up for the event ,, thats why most of the shops here are now displaying / selling Halloween costumes .
I think I have to get some new costumes for the kids ,,, they are always dressed up as SpiderMan for my boy and Princess fairy for my girl ,,, hmmm,, needed something new ,, How about these scary costumes????

Love them and might order them.....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slow process of building

While hubby is busy organizing people in our building site ,, I went to our workplace, hubby told me to go to work and just oversee everything and making sure that the workers are working , we have a secretary who is very reliable and trustworthy , we order stuff from wholesale distributors and I pay the bills every month ,, so I handle all the money and do the net banking , so I can keep up with all the expenses and .

But its hard when hubby is not at work , because most of the decision is made by him and since he is the big boss,, everyone wants to talk or deal with him,, either to get a good deal or just to talk about the job..
Th only thing I can do at the moment is to be there and help the secretary with the filing and paperwork and by doing so ,, I can make a big difference.
Since the process of our building a house is so slow,, it will took a long time to finish it and making us eager ...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

End of season

End of season sale is on again and this is the best time to buy men's clothing , women's apparel, bags, shoes and even cosmetics.

I like a good bargain and this is the best time to buy it... during the end of the season,,, now that they are changing the winter clothes into Spring time.. I am loving the coming trend and fashion ,, as I always say Bring on the Heat!!!!! To much bulky clothes during Winter ,, its better during Summer ,, easy and anything comfortable..
We wanted to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine ,, so it would be Fun for the kids.

Cant wait for Summer!!!!


Whenever I take my kids to our local shops , we always have to pass by EB games and look at all the games that is on sale ,, they always have sale on playstation 3 console/ games, Wii, Nintendo Ds, Xbox and PSP and all the latest technology and gadgets ..

My kids have DS games and playstation but I dont want to upgrade yet , since we have tons of games for playstation 2 and I don't want to waste them buy buying a new console ,, my boy enjoys his games and love playing them ,sometimes I would buy them a pre owned game which is really cheap and works perfectly , dont need to buy a new game since I know my would would just scratch some of the games anyway..
But I noticed that every year,, new console is being introduced,, I was wondering how can we cope up with the changing times??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crunch time

Its Tax time again and people are getting busy organizing stuff to lodge their taxes. Have to go through all my files and paper work to start putting them together to be given to our accountant ..

I've been looking at my paper work the other day and was thinking about getting a life insurance , , have papers and brochures about term life insurance rates and still figuring out if I should get one...
Anyway, I have to look through our finances and find out if I can afford it,, Need to have a finance check up to get everything in control ..
So that means no more extra spending and stay in the budget ,, I know its hard , with 3 kids and around,, buy this , buy that ,, do this ,, do that ,, that is where the budget goes!! Poof!!!!!
But ,, I guess,, I really have to put a tight hold on expenses before it goes too far...

Tax time and crunch time as they say.....

Watched a good show

We went to watch the show WICKED the other day in Sydney, we braved the cold weather,, It was windy and chilly,, but I know its always cold in the city anyway..

The kids were all rugged up , they don't like the extreme coldness,, especially my boy, who is prone to eczema,, sometimes they just flare up , I tried everything and even looked up at for remedy .
Anyway,, back to the show,, WICKED is a spectacular show!!!

The shows being going on for a year now and was glad that we decided to watch it ..
It's a school holiday here and we just thought that it would be great to take the kids out and watch a show ,, not knowing how good the show is., Heard about it and now I know how good it was..
The Sydney show will finished on September and will be staged in Brisbane by January 2011, and the buzz its creating there is overwhelming ...
So,, good thing we did not miss this show!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hooked on TV show

My family is addicted to watching MasterChef Australia,, we've watched the show since it started and now that they only have almost 1 week left to go before the grand finals .

I've learned so much from the show, not only that it is entertaining , it is also an informative show which has a biggest rating on television here in Oz ,,

Sometimes, I go online to get some recipes or they also have it at Coles where they give out free leaflets of a certain recipe which the contestant cooked ,,, I know some of the recipe are not meant to reduce belly fat , but I cant help it ,, some of the dishes are amazing and to die for..

yeah after getting hooked on the Biggest Loser and loving some of the fate free recipes ,, this time the rich and calorie loaded recipes are my new fave...
But anyway,, I just love the show and wishing everyone from the show all the best....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I dont want a reaction

I am very wary when it comes to creams and moisturiser for my face,, I learned a hard lesson when I developed an allergic reaction to a certain product ,It was nasty and itchy and embarrassing at the same time ,, So even though I wanted to find a the best solution on how to get rid of blackheads ,, I am still cautious with all the range of products in the market..

I would watch heaps of beauty gurus online and I know some of them rave about certain products but what's important is to test the product first ,, especially my skin which is very sensitive and prone to allergy..
So now ,, if there is a tester , I would test it first walk around and see if there is an initial reaction to the product ,, then come back and purchase the product .
I know ,, we all wanted a special potion to make ourselves flawless and beautiful ,, but hey it pays to be cautious ....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ahhh,, This cold weather in Oz make me go to bed and snuggle all day ..Last week i was the coldest morning that we ever felt..

Woke up in a blanket of ice everywhere.. I live across a golf club and my window is facing the beautiful golf course and would you believe that I was waken up by the sound of the golf ball being hit,, Are you kidding me??? There are brave people playing golf at 7:30 on an icy grass and freezing temperature!!!
Ahh,, I would rather stay in my warm bed,, its nice to go to sleep when its cold and I love sleeping and never had a hard time falling asleep ,, just give me a pillow and I'll start snoring ,, no need for sleep aids .. Dream away ......

Looking after myself

Its been months now and as I mentioned before about my hair loss and although I still suffer from hair loss , it is not as bad as before ...

I've been following some remedies on how to avoid it like avoiding constant chemicals for hair,, I used to lighten my hair every 4 months ,, but I decided that enough is enough,, I just kept my natural black hair now,, no more hair coloring treatment for me.
I also use a hair treatment conditioning every week ,which has keratin and coconut oil ,
I use a hair growth shampoo click here to see it and use a wide tooth comb and wash my hair every 2nd day , trying to eat healthy and lots of water for hydration ..
I just hope that I can keep my hair shiny and healthy like it was before , so it was a conscious effort to do things right ...

Broken Car

Ahh its is such a pain knowing my hubby's car which is only 3 YEARS old broke down ,, yeah totally a wasted car.. NISSAN Navarra is a lemon car!!!!!!!!! we bought it brand new and a week after the 3 year warranty ran off the car broke!!! Husband contacted Nissan but they would not give us consideration knowing their car is defective...

We could have extended our insurance, there are heaps of cheap car insurance around the market ,, but unfortunatley we did not extend it ..

We just want the car to be fixed and then get rid of it ,, I've got a Nissan Xtrail and my hubby is contemplating on selling it ,, just hating the NISSAN at the moment ...

Saturday, July 3, 2010


My old classmate from HS who just arrived here in Oz is getting married soon to her fiancee that is based in Qld, I was chatting with her the other day with her and she was excited to tell me that she will get married on July 30th ,, but it would be just a simple wedding only close family and friends are going to attend the said occasion, it would be a civil wedding ,, no fancy stuff and no big worries,, no need for personalized gifts for bridesmaids , big cake,, big reception and all the razzle dazzle ,, all she wanted is to marry the man of her dreams and have a good life with him...

I was invited , but it would be a pity because I cannot make it on that day , so I told her that I will just in keep in touch with here and if I have time to go interstate I will contact her ,,I just want her to be happy and wishing all the best..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to do

Its school holiday again next week and some of my friends are going on a holiday ,, I know a couple who are planning to go around Australia using a caravan,,, I once went with them to look around the caravan show , there are heaps of nice rv for sale and they were having a hard time choosing the best and a few weeks ago she rang me and informed me that they already bought an rv,,,she was ecstatic and already planning their journey...

That would be exciting,,maybe when we my hubby and I are already retired and can afford to travel that way ,, we would love to go around Oz too but in the meantime we are not going to travel yet,, our firs priority is our dream home ,, so it will take a long time for us to go and have a vacation , but I don't mind ,, I just wanted the house to be finished .

School holiday and I'm just going to enjoy it with the kids ,,nice and quiet .. hopefully......

Friday, June 25, 2010

I love surprises

It was my hubby's 40th birthday two weeks ago ,, and for his birthday I gave him a Big surprise...

I organized a day out just for the two of us without kids!!!!

I secretly booked an accommodation but in the morning I also booked a thrill ride at Oz jet, then the big surprise was a date at ARIA restaurant which is co owned by Chef Matt Moran...

The day of his birthday it was still a surprise ,, in the morning I gave him my gift a long sleeves shirt , a red tie,, which I was had a hard time choosing from the shops ,, I was looking at some designer ties and just a normal tie... anyway,, I bought a Van Huesen tie that matches my dress...

It was such a surprise for him seeing a note from me explaining I already have a babysitter coming in that morning and he has to be ready !!!!

It was all GOOD and everything turned out really well!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Want to go on a holiday

Haaa,,, its getting cold!!!! Here in Oz its the best time to cuddle up and go on a warm bed....

Things that remind me of winter in Australia is going to Canberra,, I don't know why ???

It is colder there and visiting Canberra during winter is FUN... The crisp air that blows to your face ,, the places to visit .. I love going there .. mu kids love to go to the Questacon and explore the place,, my hubby love to go to the National Mint and get those gold coins collectibles,, for me I like to go to museum .. There are heaps of place to dine in ,, cafe and luxury restaurant ,, even just to walk around the area,, but don't forget to visit the Parliament house....

Ahh,,, I just want to pack our bags and go to Canberra.....!!! Hmmm ,, maybe I should wait for Spring for the festival????

Big Girl now

Next month is my eldest daughter's 16th birthday,,, geezzz,,, time is so fast ,,, she is growing quick and as year 11 in High school with too much activities both school and non school activities make her life more hectic...

I can still recall when I was pregnant with her ,, it wasn't an easy pregnancy ,, although I kept myself healthy ,, eating the right foods,, taking prenatal vitamins , avoiding alcohol and things that are bad for pregnant women and prenatal check ups... but the worse part was the morning sickness that hit me.. constant head ache and just feeling all worn out,, but I surpass it and now I can only look back at all the memories...
Now the big princess is turning 16 and asking for so much stuff,, I still have head aches!!!!! hahaha.... Motherhood is really hard,, you have to look after them for the longest time ,,,,

Well,, I love my kids and although its hard I cannot trade it for anything else....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Building our home

As to those who follow my blog ,, some of you already know that we are in the process of building our house. Its been such a longtime to start everything and with the weather is uncooperative ,, the site was such a mess,, muddy and wet,, so the constructing was held for almost 3 weeks,, now that they resumed the work ,, they are now doing the bricks ,, it is expected to take 3 weeks to brick the whole foundation,, soon the frame,, roofing and so on ...

Everything is modern now,, Gone are the days of the old asbestos way!!! eww,, who would want an asbestos environment ,, it was a big thing here in OZ when people who suffered from Asbestos cancer sued the James and Hardie group and some cases are still going ..

Anyway,,, my hubby and I are getting excited with the progress of our building although it is a bit slow ,, we are slowly seeing some improvements ,,,, ayy the joy of building!!!!!! there a lots of headache but the excitement is overwhelming.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Urban clothing

Its winter time here in Oz and its the best time to be rugged up and keep ourselves warm with the winter chill ,, it best to wear not only comfy clothes but also trendy ,, there are heaps of urban clothing that looks really nice ,, I was eyeing this jacket ,, since this bomber jacket is "in" at the moment

I also like this green Roca Wear very wearable ....

Launched off of the meteoric success of co-founder, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, The ROC represents a borderless, global lifestyle. With Roc-A-Fella Records serving as the initial launch pad, The ROC realized its prowess in creating culture far beyond the realm of music. Hence, the birth of the apparel company, Rocawear. Like Roc-A Fella Records, Rocawear quickly staked its claim in hip-hop history becoming the destination brand for street savvy consumers.
Rocawear maintains a focus of providing clever innovation in fabrication, application and design to its customer. It has been the brand's attention to detail that has pushed Rocawear's appeal beyond its core urban customer. Ten years have passed since the genesis of The ROC...and a dynasty now reigns.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time for Tax

Tax-time can be rewarding for those who take the time to get it right. David Koch dishes out some tips on how make the most of your 2009/10 tax return.
June has arrived and tax-time is looming. You have just a few weeks to take advantage of tax breaks before the 2009/10 financial year closes for business. Start getting your documents together and tracking down receipts to back up deductions. Tax-time can be rewarding for those who take the time to get it right.

Claim everything

Claim all possible deductions to reduce your tax bill and hopefully give you a tax refund. Think of everything you've had to buy to carry out your job this financial year.

If you work from home you can even claim some of your rent, internet connection and electricity bills. Don't forget your charity donations, everything from the Haiti earthquake appeal to your sponsor child. You may also be able to claim a 20 per cent tax offset on out-of-pocket medical expenses above $1,500.

If you can't find receipts, but know where you spent the money, go back and see if they can give you a copy of the receipt or invoice. Bank and credit card statements showing details of purchases can be used in some cases.

When it comes to work related expenses, the Tax Office website ( has a list of acceptable expenses for various industries so check them out to make sure you're doing the right thing.

Use the education tax refund

Now is the time to check whether your kids need computers, textbooks or stationary for schoolwork. Buy them before the end of the month and take advantage of the 50 per cent tax refund on eligible education expenses.

This financial year you can claim expenses of up to $780 for each child in primary school and up to $1,558 for each kid in high school and get half your money back. You qualify for the Education Tax Refund if you receive family tax benefit Part A.

Offset capitals gains with losses

Profits from selling shares or investment properties bought after 1985 will be charged capital gains tax at your marginal tax rate. Losses made on these kinds of investments can offset profits and cut your capital gains tax bill. So if you made a big profit on the sale of one investment this financial year, consider selling some of your disasters.

Delay income until July

Put off receiving income until next financial year if you're likely to earn less in 2010/11 and will be on a lower marginal rate. It will also allow you to take advantage of the Government's last round of personal tax cuts for low and middle-income earners. If you have your own business you may want to hold off invoicing your clients until July.

Start a 2010 tax file

Filling in your tax return will be a breeze if you have all the necessary information at hand. If you are using an accountant it will make your visit time and cost-effective.

Start getting together your group certificates, bank and dividend statements, investment property accounts, receipts for tax deductible work or education expenses, any travel logs and health fund details if you plan to claim the private hea
lth insurance rebate.

Its the time of the year when people are busy gathering all their documents and receipts , We 've got a document scanning software at work and it helps a lot to get in track with all the necessary documents needed to do tax... So may you have more returns!!!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Excerpt from Yahoo 7
When rumour circulated that Megan Fox had been sacked from the Transformers franchise that had made her a pin-up star, the actress, 24, was quick to reply. Her reps speedily issued a statement saying, "It was her decision not to return."

But according to, when Fox arrived on the set of Transformers 3, her "unhealthy" appearance caused director Michael Bay to give the actress an ultimatum to pack on the pounds. When she returned, still slim, tension between them caused her to walk out.

"Mike doesn't like skinny actresses," Fox said last June. "So I'm always the fattest I've ever been when making a Transformers movie."

New photos of Fox frolicking with boyfriend Brian Austin Green on a Maui beach show the actress has a dramatically slimmer figure.

"She was contracted to do a third movie, so if they really wanted her back, they could have forced her," an insider tells WHO. "Basically she decided to leave and they let her go."

Perhaps there are other issues preventing her from putting on weight. The actress, who has stated she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, also claimed in Allure magazine, "I'll starve to death before I'll cook for myself."

"I think I could survive a week without eating," she said.

And she has other health problems that affect her food intake. "I found out I'm anemic," the actress has said. "I have to eat twice as much protein. That's really my only diet restriction."

As for the exercise routine that gives Fox her enviable shape: "I do pilates and acro-yoga, which is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. It's hard!' she says.

To see the photos of Megan in a bikini in Maui, see the week's WHO Magazine, on sale Friday, June 4

I like Megan Fox, I love her face ,, her curvaceous body and to see her skinny like this makes her look sickly,, wouldnt have a clue if she is just starving herself or taking safe diet pill ... Knowing that she will not be in Transformers 3 is a disappointing news,, my boy who loves to watch the movie would miss Mikaela Banes ....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow routines, this invigorating dance-fitness "party" will have you movin', groovin' and shakin' the weight off to the sexy, exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue and more!

Work your body from head to toe with the Zumba® fitness program's exhilarating workouts. You'll learn all the basics and hit your favourite targets, like your core, thighs and abs. You also get maraca-like Toning Sticks to add some muscle to your body sculpting routines. Now's the time!

Get ready to "Join the Party"
and see a whole new side of yourself!

Yesterday, I started my 1st session with Zumba fitness program,, the dance school where my girl go to ,, started the Zumba program ...
Finally, I dragged my bum to the centre so I can join in and have a bit of exercises ,,, I feel that I needed to do something to loose this unwanted pounds ,, it means I don't have to buy diet pills to loose weight ....

It was such a fun Session and I just loved it,, I was sweating and grooving to the beat,, 1 hour session and my whole body was energised.... Cant wait for another session next week!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Feel the Itch!!!!

Arggggg!!! Itchy and feeling sore !!!! This is the worst itch Ive ever had!!!!

Warning :: This is what will happen if you have an allergic reaction to a certain product ...
So be wary when testing out anti wrinkle creams eye wrinkle creams or lotion..

As I previouly blogged before I tried a product called ROC and I had a nasty allergic reaction to it and I just hated it ..
My hubby and I were joking that I look like the Lizard from the TV sequel V wwahhhhh!!!
I wen to see the doctor today and was prescribed a cream for it and Zrytec tablet to take in,, hopefully it will clear up soon....

I dont have wrinkles but I have a scaly itchy skin!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Love the show

I just love this show !!! MasterChef Australia ! 14 contestants are still standing tall and aspiring to be the next Masterchef Australia !!!!

One of my favourite contestant is Marion and I feel that she will win the sought after title ..
She seems o be focused and very creative with her dishes ,, and after winning the celebrity cook off and getting the immunity pin ,, I reckon she will go far in the competition.....

Tonight was the Materchef class and I was salivating as I watch how George and Gary cooked.. The food that they are making looks appetising and for sure they are really delicious ,, I wanted to try some of the recipes and I will check the website for the recipes. So it means no more weight loss challenge for me..... Its going to be winter and I need my unwanted body fats for insulation... hahahah..

Check out the MasterChef site for more.....


In my effort to find a best eye cream and wrinkle cream I tried a sample pack of cream that came from a showbag that I bought from the Royal Easter show..

It was a brand called ROC and OMG I ruined my face!!!!
I've got irritation and redness around the area,, the worst area is my neck which has small hives and really really itchy and swollen.....

Arggg,, I should have known better ,, that whenever I try different products I should make sure that it is allergy free stuff,, because I am prone to allergy ..

I tried to conceal it with foundation and concealer but they are still visible ,, so I might try having a make up free day .... just making sure I wont have visible marks when it heals....
I've only used the product 3 times and straight away I reacted to it...
So I tossed it in the bin while cursing this product!!!!! I hate you ROC!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 1st one...

Saw him on TV and heard about it ... Yes,, the launching of Ipad here in Australia ,,,, I love Apple products but this time I think I'll give the Ipad a miss,, dont need it ,, my Iphone and my Imac are working perfectly fine ..


Rahul Koduri has been camped out in front of Apple's Sydney CBD store since 2am on Thursday and hopes to be the first person in Australia to get his hands on the iPad when it goes on sale on Friday.

The 22-year-old Blacktown resident had to make arrangements with his boss at Telstra to take the day off to line up for iPad's Australian retail launch.

"I want to be the first to get it," he told AAP as he sat alone outside the George Street store on Thursday afternoon.

The Wi-Fi version of the iPad sells for $629 including GST, while the Wi-Fi version with 3G costs $799.

Mr Koduri didn't pre-order an iPad, preferring to stand in line.

"The experience of going to an Apple store and buying it - there's just no other company like that. It's like a cathedral when you're inside there."

Mr Koduri expects more buyers to brave the chilly Sydney weather, and possible showers, and queue up outside the store as the clock ticks closer to the Friday 8am launch.

"I expect more people to come after 12am tonight and into the early hours on Friday," he said.

"I've read all the forums online and (also) my friends are pretty keen on coming down tonight."

Mr Koduri so far has been offered coffee, an umbrella and permission to use the Apple store's bathrooms, if he needs to freshen up.

"It'll be cold, but I've got some blankets and jumpers with me. But in terms of rain, one of the Apple guys said if it rains too much they'll let us in."

In any case, he has his laptop to watch movies through the night.

Mr Koduri said he hadn't paid much attention to some of the less flattering reviews of the iPad.

"The only negative thing that I've heard is about Adobe Flash, which actually doesn't matter because Flash is just too old for it," he said.

"Mainly I'm going to use it for web surfing and apps (applications), obviously. The number of apps that this has is just amazing."

In New York, about 700 people queued outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store to get the first look at the iPad when it was launched in early April.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How lucky

I am at awe at this video which was taken by the security cameras on the premises, on which how a Father saved his son from a car crash,, a must see video on how lucky they were....

It was shocking but at the same time relieved to see how this dad (Andrew Leitch) saved his baby son..The 82-year-old driver had a heart attack and careened her car at almost 45 mph into the Leitch family. But a sad story for the family of the driver...
It was shown on TV and it had been a buzz around Australia,,, and How lucky can you get ????

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