Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My Lil Miss who loves to loves to pose for a pic ,, was having a fun listening to her big sis' iPod and she knows how to work it out ... 

We are lovers of Apple products ,, having 3 ipods  at home , 1 iMac and an iBook , iPhone,, we are seeing apple everywhere.....
Just love  the products !!!!!

Big sis' iPod is the iPod classic which is almost 4 years now and still in good quality, she likes taking it during long trips , listening to music,, podcast and watching clips ... 

But there are new iPod  shuffle the 1st music player that talks to you ,,, havent seen that one yet,, but I guess we had enough,,

 I reckon that iPods are the best in the market.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Outdoor Cover

We are almost on the last month of Winter here in Oz,, there are some days that are really warm and lovely to stay outside , especiallyin my backyard where the sun is.. 

Its nice and cozy staying outdoors when in the sun sipping hot choco or coffee,,, but I noticed the wear and tear on my outdoor setting.... 

It is frustrating because I always clean it up,, scrubbed it and kept it dry,, but there are pesky birds who poops on my chair and makes a nasty marks, its hard to get it off  and I don't think I will be able to take the outdoor setting with me when I move.. What a pity,, I could have thought about buying an outdoor furniture covers , it s too late .... but for sure when I get a new setting I would definitely get a cover for it.
 I don't want it to get ruined again. There are plenty of styles to choose from depending on the style of the setting.. So this is my next project.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Buys week

Last week , it was really a chaotic week,, my boy B1 was sick then followed by B2 then it was my turn,, we all had headcahe and tummy bug, and a flu like syndrome,,, Thank Goodness , we are all feeling better,,, with the swine flu scare , and with reported  cases around South West Sydney,,, I have to be vigilant about it... Since its Winter here in Oz,, the winter bug is around and affecting anyone...

Now that Im feeling better I have so much stuff to do,,  I have to check out some brochures about life insurance  and find out with one has a better policy,,  

next,,, our house is still on the market and keeping the house always tidy is tiring,, 
Yup,,, with 3 kids at home since it's school holiday,, its a chaos around here,, So I have to be on top of things .. 

Last, I have to organize the box that I will send to the Philippines ,, mostly things that we are going to use in December and some Christmas gifts for my relatives...

Well,,, have to go and start organizing,,, or I'll be logging behind my schedule....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Get ready for Toy Sale

Its the time of the year again ,, as the Biggest TOY SALE  will be on this coming July  23..

The most awaited toy sale here in Oz where you can get big bargains and loads of toys on Sale...  I went online to check the catalouge and have a peek of the sale that will be on  next week...  I was browsing through the catalouge with my lil boy who was so excited looking at the toys..
 What caught his attention was the Play doh ice cream machine ,, and he was asking me for that,, the next item was the Ferrari remote car,, it was half price ,   not bad.....   Im just wondrin if it is an authorized Ferrari parts  .. anyway,, its a good looking car,, so it might end up on his wish list for Christmas....

Ahh for sure its gonna be a mayhem agin ,, like waht happened last year where there was a long line for the Lay by section....  People are hoarding toys !!!!!
anyway I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winter chill

The winter air is getting colder and in the early morning as the fog thickens up,, I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep in..... Its too cold to go out and do something..... The weather makes me feel lazy and it means just to sit around cuddling a pillow or covered with a throw rug around me , while watching TV,,,, that  is the downside of winter.... Too lazy to burn fat and do some exercise,, ever since I stopped going to the Curves gym,, I ve noticed that I gained a few pounds,, my cheeks are getting bigger and my love handles are getting flabbier...  I guess I need to take ultra 90  to get rid of these extra pounds..... Since I am going on a holiday this coming Christmas ,, I dont want my old friends to see as a flabby, non fit person,,,, so I MUST I MUST,,, take control again@!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


 Im still busy keeping the house tidy... Yup the house is still on the market,, We had more than 10 visits already and we had a various feedback,,, Most of them like the presentation of the house, but some say that the backyard is small and some are limiting their budget to around $500 thousand mark . Anyway, we have to still go on and wait for the right deal to come through,,, the house has taken too much of my time and attention that I sometimes forget that we are going away on a holiday this coming December,, we are going to Hong Kong for 4 night and then travel to the Philippines and stay for 3 weeks.. 

Aside from taking the kids to Disneyland HK ,, shopping is a must for me,,, with all the wholesale clothing its gonna be a shopping heaven for me,,,, but the best part is to visit my family and be with them this coming Christmas...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Love this show

Its the FINAL episode for homeMade tomorrow Tuesday  7th of July.... and they will announce the winner .. My hubby and I are hooked on this show ... we watched every single episode and got inspirations and ideas on how to decorate.. They are good designers and it is so enjoyable to watch...  My fave though is Richie.. Although he didn't make it to the final 2 ,,, I still think he is one amazing designer....  It is down to Darren and jason,, they are both talented and creative people.. so all the best to the winner.. But I reckon JASON might have won the competition... since the show is taped and the people behind homeMade  already know the winner,,, it will be announced to the public tomorrow....
After eight weeks of renovating the final two designers are in a race to finish their homes. The judges then have the toughest decision to make - which designer will win the $100,000 prize. 
Ten designers from across Australia take on the biggest renovation competition ever attempted as they completely make over two family homes in just five days.
This means that each week two lucky families are given the opportunity of a lifetime: $50,000 each and a team of hot designers to completely transform their home in just five days.

At the end of each week a panel of Australia’s leading design experts will decide on the best transformation and then eliminate the designer who has done the worst.

I was browing around the before and after pics of the renovation ,, and I just love this bathroom that Jason done... He transformed this boring bathroom into a calm and beautiful space....  Humm,, and what a coincidence I was looking at some Delta fauctes   and getting some ideas when we built our new home... But how Jason made this is really amazing....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lotto Winners

Waaahhhhh,,,, Thats UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha....
I didnt win !!!!!! The Oz lotto was a big hype the past few days here in OZ,,, that's why the jackpot reached a $106.5 MILLION...... I can own google with that!!!!!!! joking aside I know google worths more than that!!!!
well.. CONGRATS to the 2 winners!!! All The BEST and ENJOY ENJOY and be MERRY!!!!!! WAAAAA.....
Im here just in case you want to make a donation!!!!!!! I can give you my paypal !!!!

Two winning entries, one purchased in Queensland and one in South Australia, have each scored $53,274,992.38 in OZ Lotto last night.

The two winning entries shared the record-breaking $106.5 million first division prize in the draw. The winners are the equal richest OZ Lotto winners ever.

The huge payouts are eclipsed only by the record $58.7 million win, by a single entry, in Powerball in June 2008. That prize was shared by a syndicate of workmates who purchase the winning entry in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir.

“Although the big prize eluded NSW punters, we can confirm that 22 NSW winners each received a massive $33,468.25 share of the substantial division two prize pool,” NSW Lotteries Communications Manager John Vineburg said this evening.

Overall there were 1,248,342 winners from NSW across Divisions Two to Seven.

The winning numbers from the OZ Lotto draw 802 are 
12, 3, 38, 21, 23, 29 and 40 with the supplementaries 43 and 22.

Provisional results show that national sales for the draw were a record $209,067,609, with more than $66.5 million worth of entries being sold in NSW alone. 

Source NSW Lottories.com.au

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