Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting excited ....

I've got 3 more days and off we go on our holiday overseas... I was cramming the whole time...

I guess I wasn't as organised as I thought I am,,, 1st and fore most we did not have our travel injection , we were meant to have our needles done,, I've already seen the doctor and was already given a script to buy the medication, but the last few weeks we were sick,, Braiden had a flu first then me and the Mic,, so we decided not get the injection , knowing that it is not safe to get it while we are sick,,, I am just praying and hoping that everything will be fine while we are on holiday .. we have a health insurance leads here at home, but when we go overseas it will be a different story .. but we do have a travel insurance which includes a medical insurance,, anyway,, hoping for a safe trip and a fun holiday..... Cheers to all!!!!


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