Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back home

Hay,, I'm back!!! Been inactive for awhile because we are on holiday and we are staying here in Mum's place in the Philippines,, We arrived here lat December 24 after spending 3 days in HongKong, we celebrated Christmas here and it was a blast ,,, so much different from the way we celebrate in Oz,, my kids are in awe , with all the things that are happening around them ,, although it is very noisy and hot ,,the kids are still enjoying ,, playing with their cousins and getting all the attention...
My hubby and I are extra careful with them especially with the water that they drink, we don't want them to get sick or have a tummy bug , it's hard to get sick in a foreign land ,, unlike there in our place we have a health insurance same as the North Carolina health insurance ,, but I guess prevention is the best solution .... and we dont want to ruin our holidays since we still have 2 more weeks to go !!!!!!!

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