Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back home

Hay,, I'm back!!! Been inactive for awhile because we are on holiday and we are staying here in Mum's place in the Philippines,, We arrived here lat December 24 after spending 3 days in HongKong, we celebrated Christmas here and it was a blast ,,, so much different from the way we celebrate in Oz,, my kids are in awe , with all the things that are happening around them ,, although it is very noisy and hot ,,the kids are still enjoying ,, playing with their cousins and getting all the attention...
My hubby and I are extra careful with them especially with the water that they drink, we don't want them to get sick or have a tummy bug , it's hard to get sick in a foreign land ,, unlike there in our place we have a health insurance same as the North Carolina health insurance ,, but I guess prevention is the best solution .... and we dont want to ruin our holidays since we still have 2 more weeks to go !!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting excited ....

I've got 3 more days and off we go on our holiday overseas... I was cramming the whole time...

I guess I wasn't as organised as I thought I am,,, 1st and fore most we did not have our travel injection , we were meant to have our needles done,, I've already seen the doctor and was already given a script to buy the medication, but the last few weeks we were sick,, Braiden had a flu first then me and the Mic,, so we decided not get the injection , knowing that it is not safe to get it while we are sick,,, I am just praying and hoping that everything will be fine while we are on holiday .. we have a health insurance leads here at home, but when we go overseas it will be a different story .. but we do have a travel insurance which includes a medical insurance,, anyway,, hoping for a safe trip and a fun holiday..... Cheers to all!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


As the days pass by I cant get help but feel excited for my kiddies!!!!!!

We are going to HK Disney,, this would be my kids first travel overseas ; my hubby and I are going to find out if the kids are really good traveling far,,, for sure they will enjoy Disney HK and if they pass the test next year we will go to Orlando Florida for a Great orlando vacations ,, I heard that the Disney Florida is amazing and we would love to visit that place too....

We always visit the website to show the kids all the fun things to do in Disney and they are all in awe with all the great attractions . But dunno if we want to visit during the peak season,,

But for now we are getting hyped up with the fact that 7 days from now , we are off on a holiday,,
have a good Christmas everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good year

AS the end of year is fast approaching ,, we are all eager to go on a much awaited holiday,,,  our business will be close on the Christmas season and will resume on the 14th of January, although I sometimes go to the factory  to help our secretary do some filing and much needed paper work, she is quite effective with her work even though we don't have an industrial computer  , she can still manage her work. She is well trusted and shows dedication to her work,, that is why Im thankful for her...   Another year will come and I am just hoping that the year 2010 would be GREAT not only for us but for the whole industry...  We had beaten the recession and we only hope that there is no more hardship coming...  So to all those who supported us thank you and all the best!!!!!

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