Saturday, November 28, 2009


I had a birthday lunch the other day with my girlfriends and we  always have good times and good conversation every time we are together,,, issues about Religion,, school, politics , motherhood and travel are among our favourite topics,,,

We all love to travel and we are talking about when we turn senior citizens we would love to travel around Australia, my friend wanted to go on a motorbike , I myself wanted to go on a campervan or Motorhome with hubby ,, I think it is a lot safer than motorbike and more convenient and we can bring our equipments with us ,, we can also get a motorhome warrantyy so assuring us of a good insurance...

But whatever way we wanted to travel ,, I just hope that we can live that dream and enjoy the rest of our lives ,, having fun and and as well as relaxing....



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