Thursday, November 5, 2009

Travel Time

Time flies and 6 weeks from now we are going on our long awaited holiday..  Its been 8 years since I last visited my homeland the Philippines and I am excited to take the kids with me ,, we are going to Hong Kong first for 4 days , just to take the kids to HK Disneyland and do some shopping,, I am eager to start packing my stuff,, but I noticed that I needed one more luggage, since we are going on a long holiday and shopping trip in HongKong ,, and when I think of luggage the first thing that comes in my mind is Samsonite luggage   ,, its been here for ages and they have a special on luggage,, what I like about it is  easy to  manoeuvre,, light weight,, hey we don't want  it to be bulky and heavy,,, ,, good size and heaps of storage , functional and  must have a good security of course!!!

So I found one that I really liked The Samsonite 300 Series in black and plan to look around for more best offer,, but definitely gonna get a Samsonite,,,  Durable and tested!!!!


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