Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thinking of what to give

It wont long now and the air of Christmas is coming.. The shopping malls are already decorated and Christmas parties and functions are being booked,,, Christmas sale and other special are being promoted,, Some Aussie would say its too early !!!!! but for me its totally fine,, In my native country, once the "BER" months  started Christmas decors are up !!!I love Christmas it s my favourite holiday !!! I like decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping gifts.... Speaking of Gifts , I am finding a best gift for Braiden,,,  he loves to play computer games and PlayStation 2 , last time when  we went to the shops there was a demo on PlayStation 3   and he tried it ,,, he enjoyed it and asked me to get it for him...

My hubby and I are tossing between PlayStation Portable or playstation 3  , that is why we are researching for it and checking with one is the best , but I reckon whatever we decided to get for him ,, he will enjoy and appreciate it anyway...


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