Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was never into Twilight ,, my teenage daughter loves it!!! But a month ago I watched the movie Twilight,,,, yeah you might think where on earth  have I've been,,,???  anyway,,, I watched the movie and I liked it ....It was never too late to get into Twilight groove,,, 

so I was  waiting for the next series,,  when New Moon came out,, I went to watched the movie with my daughter,, but during the movie I was asking about names of the character,, anyway ,, now I know who they are ,, ha  ha ha .. 

What caught my attention where the cars that were featured in the movie ,,, in Twilight love all the Cullen's cars ,, its like a promotion ....

They have Volvo , Porsche, mercedes, BMW  they are all good looking cars!!!!! well ,, of course aside from good looking characters ....

As my daughter was busy checking out Jacob's body I was admiring Alice's Porsche!!!!!! Weird???!!!!!

But hey,, where's the Ferrari??? I heard that they would have a Bella "after" car ,, dunno what it meant by "after" car,,, I guess I have to read the book or might as well wait for the movie ,, cant wait to see the car and must have an awesome Ferrari parts   ...

I was checking out the rides!!!!!   How about you???


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