Thursday, November 26, 2009


Took my youngest daughter to her orientation for Kindergarten on January 2010,,, wwwhoo,, how time flies and my lil one is going to Kindy and I will be left here alone at home!!!!!! Waaahhhh  or YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!     More time for myself or more time for shopping or blogging!!!!!

My lil pea loves to go to big school and cant wait for next year,, so excited to go to BIG school and made her hate Preschool,, pre school are for lil ones she said as I dropped her off the other day...  With tears streaming down her cheeks I try to pacify her ,, come on honey,,, wont be long and you will soon graduate from Pre school ,,, yeah if the pre school will let her graduate!! 

Grrrr,, I am having an issue with here pre school at the moment and I am fuming !!! I am thinking of  getting the service of Oklahoma City lawyers
  ,,,, ooopps   I cant!!!! Im in Sydney,, he he... anyway,, Dont want to talk about the details.... 

Anyway,, I will surely pull her out of this pre school after the said occasion ,, juts keep her at home during the Holiday season with me before she starts school next year...

Well,, have a good day!


Lindz November 26, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

hi joy isn't that great, you can organise better without the kids hanging around di ba... anyway goodluck to all of you, busy bees you all there in your household, big school, teenager, building a new house, holiday... hmmnn dmai mong thoughts..

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