Saturday, November 28, 2009


The cost of living is getting high ,, as some new laws are being implemented and taxes are getting higher,, we cant help but complain about it... But how about the Health System,,??/ it is also getting worse, as we need more health care professionals and the doors are open for qualified overseas professionals , we can only hope that it would be filled up to cope with the growing needs of our society..  There are also Private health funds and the Medicare ,, some are also offering Medicare supplement  in the US dunno if we have that here in Oz .... one of the services that is expensive is the Dental ,which is so costly ,,, that is why I am contemplating in getting a private health fund that covers the dental ...

Talking about health ,, we need to have our needles done before we travel,, that includes the H1N1 (Swine flu) and Typhoid injections, Hepa A and B injections ,, the Swine Flu injection is free but the rest are not,, we are 5 in the family and for sure it will cost a lot,, anyway,, better safe than sorry......


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