Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Hot

Soon it will be Summer Time here in Oz, but the other day it was evident that summer is coming too quick... We had a 36 scorching  heat the other day !!!!   Too hot that I decided to just go to the mall and keep myself cool.....  and walking around seeing all the Summer collection out already ,, 

It is so tempting to buy a sexy dress for summer, but I need to find a flattering outfit that will camouflage my belly fat  and accentuate my shoulders,,, well I think that my shoulders are my best asset,, at least I have one ,, he he he...

Anyway, aside from eating healthy foods ,, I bulked on Vegetables, fruits and legumes ,, I also make it a point to do a 30 minute workout using my Wii Fitness and Wii Active,,, I enjoy doing it, I can do it anytime of the day in the comfort of my own home,, aside from that my kids also join me while I do my exercise ,, its good for them too,,, I lost 3 kilos already and I am determined to continue and tone up my body , getting ready for my holiday and Summer FUN!!!!


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