Monday, November 2, 2009


Its going to be 4 years now since we bought the benchtop business from my hubby's friend,, the economy is slowly picking up ... It was terrible the last 6 months due to the recession and high interest rate,, thank goodness that it is picking up and getting busy , during  the coming holiday season,, there are lots of things that needed to be looked after when handling a business,, all the equipments should be in good working condition, having safety products    good relationship with the workers and a rapport with the customers and dealers,,, although I sometimes go to the factory to help our secretary to do some filing and general office work , my hubby  is the one running the business,, he is good at it and knows how to deal with people.

Now that he is busy,, he  leaves the house early and comes home late and I make sure that hubby is looked after ,, that is the only way I can help him to look after the kids, the house and him...

Aside from the business,, we are also going on a holiday this Christmas time and another big project is coming up ,, building our house,, so for sure Hubby will be stressed out all through the coming year but hopefully everything will run smoothly and no added stress....


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