Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Holiday

It's school holiday here in Oz and we are on the second week of the holiday, Braiden is somewhat getting bored at home,, although I take him out for school holiday activities at the mall,,, he seems to be missing the normal school routine. He goes to a normal school with a support class, he is in a support class for kids with special needs , since he has a mild autism ,, he usually likes a set of routines , he always wanted to know what is the next activity and with the help of visual aids he cope very well, I like how the school manage to teach kids with special needs in thay school, not only kids with autism but also kids with adhd some of the kids are taking adhd medication  to help them focus in school work...

My boy is manageable and easy to cope with all the activities and I am glad that he is loving the school , I can imagine and feel for those kids who are having difficulty socializing and coping with others , but with  understanding , support and therapy we can help  the kids . Its just being open minded and awareness of the condition.....


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