Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to the blogging world

I'm back and I'm glad that I can now blog and surf around again... Whoaa,,,,, I know I know I've got tons of stuff to do but this is my rest Time.. Blogging......

We are slowly getting settled in the new place ,, everyone told me that its going to be hard to move,,,, but boy oh boy its not just HARD,,its a KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in a point of losing my sanity,,, We stayed in our house for 8 years and with 3 children the amount of stuff that we accumulated throughout those years are enormous!!!

My hubby is busy looking after our business and sometimes need my help to do some office work ,,,  I tried to help in any way I can,, although I am not a businessperson, my hubby said I should learn the in and outs of the business,, that is why I am interested on learning online,. I found a site  about  online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership 
I went to check out the site of Lewis University , aside from the Organizational Leadership , they also have programs for Public Safety Administration and Information Security.
It's an online course that is convenient and very flexible for those who consider a career and want to do it online...

I will show this site to my hubby because I think the course Organizational Leadership is good for him ,,, it will enhance his skills in finance, team building and strategic planning. So check out the site and get some more information about it at Lewis University Online


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