Monday, September 21, 2009

Trying out

Yesterday I tried the new MacDonald Angus Beef Burger ...
McDonald's new addition to their product the Mighty Angus burger and The Grand Angus which is said to boost the Angus breed and wider Australian beef and rural industries.

The beef used in the new burgers will be verified as Angus by Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd (CAAB) based on national vendor declaration forms and backed by independent audits and DNA sampling.

"Having CAAB-verified Angus Beef added to the McDonald's menu will mean the quality and characteristics of the beef are promoted to millions of Australians, resulting in a boost for breeders and the industry as a whole," Phil Morley, CEO of CAAB, said.

To qualify for the program, the beef must come from an animal sired by an Angus bull and be out of either a straight-bred Angus cow or an Angus cross cow.

"McDonald's uses Australian quality beef in all its burgers and the new Angus burgers are another example of our commitment to offering customers a variety of menu items - and this time we are offering something a little bit fancy,"

Both the Mighty Angus and Grand Angus are served on a soft sourdough bun. The Mighty Angus also includes two cheese slices, a rasher of bacon, red onion rings, onion relish and mayonnaise
The Grand Angus also includes two cheese slices, tomato, gourmet salad mix, pickles, red onion rings, mustard and mayonnaise.

Source Fairfax Digital

And I it,, it was juicy and tasty  and for sure Aussies will love these new addition....
and I'm Lovin' It!!!!! Just like the Macca's promo..
anyway,, dont wanna get hooked to it,, I still have to lose belly fat   I"ve ben eating too much!!!!


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