Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving House

I've got a chaotic life at the moment,, the house is messy full of packed boxes everywhere... I have no time to clean up,,, but they say that I don't need to clean up,, have a big clean up after moving all the stuff to the new place..

Anyway,, we just signed the papers for the rental house that we are moving into,,, we are renting a place ;while we are building our new house.
It had been a stressful month for us,, finding a place to move in... There are hardly enough rental houses around our area, and we desperately in need of a place because our settlement is due within the 1st week of October...
We searched high and low just to get this place,, we even offered to pay 6 months in advance just to secure the place... Luckily we were approved in no time... out tactic worked!!!!

Anyway, this morning we signed the papers and got the keys , we are all excited to check the house out,, its a Brand new house located in a quiet suburb overlooking the golf range,, its like living in a holiday place,, although the place is not as big as our house .  Most of my neighbours are retirees who wanted to downsize and enjoy their retirement , I bet they also have a term life insurance for seniors   .

The house is also near to B1's school,, very convenient for him....

Most of our stuff will be pack away in the garage ,,I will just open the boxes that I will need in the house most of them are safely packed away....

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